Sunday, April 18, 2010

blog blog blog bloggy blog blog...

Sitting here on the couch right now...

working on my half bottle of wine...

it's Justin wine...a cab... lovely.

I'm sharing the couch with three dogs right now. There are four at our house. Andy's brother's dogs are over here. It makes for crazy times.

I am so glad winter is over. You really may not imagine how glad I am. I LOVE warmer weather! I went climbing the last couple days. I am tore up! You should see the scrapes and the bug bites. You would think I was in the wilderness just a little longer! The sun was out. It was lovely!!!!! I got a bit of a tan...and I'm happy!

Arkansas has many warm weather activities and I fully intend on taking part in them much more than I did last summer.

I am going to California in May and I am very very excited!!!! I loves me the beach and it will be there...waiting for me!

Five random thoughts:

*Tonight I had a dinner and it did not cost much money at all. It was a fish Andy had caught and some rice and some corn. I love cheap good food.

*I also love good wine...and good beer...

*Today was cold. Too terribly cold for the weather we have been having lately.

*I hate having to drive so far to go to work. Any other suggestions?

*My life is just a little too boring right now.