Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I almost died last weekend...

It's true. I was in Jessie's car, and we were pulling out of a parking lot...we had a green light...a car came speeding through a red light. Luckily, Jessie's car had enough get up and go to get us out of harm's way. It was sort of scary.

I broke 100 for the first time in bowling. That was super. I kicked 100's ass as Patrick so put it.

We also got to drink from a 64 oz. beer bottle. Don't believe me? Well here's proof:

There you have it.

Digital cameras rock. You can take pictures of whatever you feel like. It doesn't matter, and it doesn't cost you anything to see them. I like it. That's basically the whole reason why we got the beer. To take pictures. Sad sad...we are pathetic...and we know it.

I'm working in the Math Assistance Center computer lab right now. Let me tell you, people ask the most ridiculous questions. I just want to say...are you kidding me? Are you that stupid? I don't though. I'm nice.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

la la la...

Random things...

1. Lexington, KY is calling my name...

2. I got my nose repierced for the third time...I like it.

3. school started yesterday. I went. It was abstract algebra. That's my favorite subject. The teacher asked me if I was an undergrad or a graduate. I said graduate. He got this look of surprise on his face and said congratulations. I did well as an undergrad. I don't know why he would be surprised. Do I look stupid? the whole class...he would ask us if we had questions. Then he kept saying...Rose...are you doing ok? yes's the freaking first day of class. I'm doing fine...

4. Got to see Meredith and Josh last night. I like them. We went camping last year, and it was good times. I want to go again with them. However, we went canoeing too. They want to do that again. This means I need to find a partner. So, if you want to go camping with me...and you don't mind sharing a tent...let me know ;). It will be good times.

5. I'm glad my family still reads this.

6. Marathon training started this week. Hopefully I stay motivated.

7. What did the twig say to his mother?

8. Gee! I'm a tree!!

9. Ha ha ha ha.

10. I'm a loser and I'm proud of it.

11. That's all I got for today.

Monday, August 21, 2006


I'm sorry...

I've been terrible lately about updating. The last couple weeks were crazy. I had to work so much. I was a mentor for the Summer Bridge Program at IUPUI. I taught the little kiddies how not to suck at life...because if you suck at suck at life.

I told and learned a lot of cheesy math jokes. A Kentucky friend of mine instant messaged me one day with this joke:

What do you call the circumference of a jack-o-latern divided by its diameter?

Dying for the answer? It's Pumpkin Pi. Ha ha ha.

Well, Levi took that joke and ran with it. It became a big part of the program. Levi even wants to make t-shirts with this design on it:

Wow that Levi...he's crazy. There were more jokes. Maybe I'll sprinkle some posts with math randomness...

OH!!! Last weekend was my birthday...and I went to the state fair. Jessie made a nice little slide show on her myspace. You should check it out. It shows all our fair fun... Dude...there was a tent called the Lactation Station. was a tent for breast feeding mothers, but it was not discrete at all. It was wide open. So, we got our picture next to it. I was talking to some managers-in-training at the Chuck's the other day, and one of the guys said he actually walked in the tent and asked if they were giving out free samples. Wow. We were giving Patrick a hard time just for taking our picture outside the tent. We didn't even dream of going inside.

well, I was going to put a picture up...but it wasn't working. Oh well.

go here Check out her about me section and watch the slide show...

wow this post sucks butt.

I went to Kentucky this was good stuff...I like it here.

Anyway...maybe this will get you through for a while. I don't want to right too much if nobody is reading it anymore. I hope you haven't given up. Let me know you are still here.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

friggin disgusting...gosh...

So today, I went next door to pay the landlord rent. I was getting worried. I knocked on her door yesterday, and she didn't answer. I knocked on her door this morning, and she didn't answer either. She never leaves her house, so I was sort of scared. She answered this afternoon. Any visit to her turns into longer than you want. She lets you know you need to get married and things like that. She also tries to get you to sit down and feed you. So today, I agreed to let her get me a glass of water. I was feeling a little parched and thought it would hit the spot. I mentioned something about not having ice cube trays, so she gave me a couple. She then grabs this jar of what I wasn't sure of at the time...pulls out a bowl. I started getting fearful. I wasn't exactly sure what she was about to feed me. It turns out that it was a jar of cherries that had been boiled in sugar water or something. It was freaking disgusting. I had to eat it all though. I would feel bad if I didn't. I was going to go running, but due to the cherries, I felt like doing nothing. DISGUSTING.

so yeah...

I am trying to get every thing together and formulate something good to say so I can start raising money for Team in Training. Right now, my thermometer says zero...and it makes me sad.


go here go here go here go here

let's work together to get this show on the road!!!

Again, I will have a detailed post about what I am doing soon. The website says some stuff...All I know is I need to raise a whole bunch of money...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

i really need to get better at updating this thing.

My cousin got married this weekend. Yay her! I have all kinds of fun pictures, they just aren't online yet. It was good times. Great times I tell ya! I was a bridesmaid, and my dress was crazy tight. I could not move very well. It looked really cute though.

Sunday morning, I did a marathon relay race. It was fun. The only drawback is I got hardly any sleep saturday night. I got home late and had to get up so early. Our team consisted of John (the owner of Reese), Helen (a lady from the athletic annex club), me, and the Brian Tuteur. Brian was a pretty fast cookie...even out of shape. After the race, I took a short nap and then had to work at the Cheese. By the time I was done with my shift, I was soo ready to go home and go to bed. I'm not sure I have been that exhausted in a looong loong time.

So today, I went running. It was freaking hot! Afterwards, I headed down to the south side to meet up with some friends at the Garden where I guess the grow the Olives...on the way down, I started feeling sort of sick. I thought I just needed some water or something. I got down there, as soon as I got in the restaurant, I went to the bar to get some water. I still felt like poo. I went to the bathroom to change clothes and I puked. I thought that would make me feel better. I sat down at the table and I still felt and looked like crap. I said "sorry guys, I think I need to go home..." I go out to my car and car up the Tuteur. I told him how I puked from running (or really the heat). He said when you run in heat like this make sure you drink Gatorade. I said I had my recovery drink. He said something about my blood sugar being out of whack. I thought...oh! my recovery drink had no sugar in it. I decided to go back in the restaurant and order a coke and some orange juice. I felt better immediately. It was amazing! I have never experienced anything like that before in my life. Brian's the best. I'm glad he's had some experience with this.

So yeah, I'm running a marathon in January. There will be a whole post dedicated to this next time. I'm going to do it with Team in Training. They raise money for leukemia and other cancers of the blood. I'm going to have to raise money. I could use all the help I could get. I have a special website where you can go and donate money. I would love each and every one of you if you gave even a dollar. I may even be inclined to throw in a free cookie. If you can give more than a dollar...that would be great too. :). Like I said, I'm going to throw out a more detailed post soon. Right now, my little thermometer is at zero. I need to get started!!! Help me please. I will love you!

Here's the link.


How is everybody doing!!!