Thursday, January 25, 2007

I seriously thought I was going to die...

and that's why I don't off road... I just took my jeep up a ridiculous trail. I just wanted to see some boulders. I am not an experienced mountain driver. I am still shaking!!! Holy crap...

So, life here has been good. I've made it to Vegas...and yesterday I went to da OC. It's good times.

The people are nice. The kids are pretty cool...and I love science!

OH!!!! The Colts made the Superbowl...and that makes me super happy. Sucks that I'm not in Indiana. The people around here are definetly no way near as excited as I am.

It's such an odd world I live in now...

I miss you guys!!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007




I am sooo excited.

Stayed tuned for a bigger update tomorrow...

I promise.

Miss you guys!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

woo...finally a free second.

Wow. I have too much to update on. Sorry... I have been sort of lacking. It's because I really haven't had any time! Training was sort of brutal. LOOOONG. The kids arrive today. So, I sort of have some time. I'm a bit nervous! I'm jumping straight into teaching. EEEK!!! It should be good times though.

So, the trip here:

I drove across the country. The first day went really smooth. I drove all the way to Oklahoma City to stay the night with a friend. The next day, I found out that there was a snow storm in Albuquerque and that I-40 (the insterate I needed) was closed. I was trying to figure out what I was going to do and I figured I could stay in Oklahoma City an extra day if I needed to. The interstate was reopened and I decided that I could go ahead and head on down the road. I roll in to Texas, and there's a sign that says that I-40 was closed west of Amarillo. I was hoping it was just outdated. I got on the phone to find that fact it was closed...and it wouldn't reopen till morning. Sooo, my uncle found what I believe to be the last hotel room in Amarillo for me. I was stuck in Amarillo for New Year's Eve. There was a party there though, with a band and such...and it turns out that I met the right people and was able to spend New Year's Eve with new Amarillo friends. I woke up the next morning. I-40 had been opened back up. I go out to my car...and someone had slashed my back window. Nice. So, I rode all the way to California with a big hole in my window. It then took me nine hours to get to Albuquerque (Which is usually only a 4 hour drive). Kenda happened to be there, so I took a short nap before driving all night to Phoenix. Once I got to Phoenix, I took a nap at a friend of my mom's house before driving the rest of the trip. It was epic, but Idyllwild is beautiful!

There are rocks everywhere! The people are nice. It's sort of like being in college. I'm certified in CPR now. :). There are tons of cool stuff to play with. I'll probably talk more about that later.

I'll try to throw juicy stuff up on here. I now will have more time to update this!

So keep reading...k?

A fact I've learned...

You can fit 110 earths across the diameter of the sun.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

I'm still here.

I promise...I'm about to put something up that will tell you of all my adventures. However, training week is still going on and I'm crazy busy. AHHHH!!! Please let me know you are still there.