Thursday, March 29, 2007


Asher...I completely lied.

I didn't update my blog in three hours.

I actually lied about the second statement too.

I'm not excited about this weekend at all. It's next week. I'm gonna get to see soo many cool people. There a few that I'm particularly interested in seeing...especially one!

Asher, since you commented. I just wanted to say I missed you!!!!! :(. This summer, I'm gonna come up to Lafayette and see you. I promise. You rock my socks off. Nerd.

So yeah, I miss lots of people.

and I can't wait until next week!!!

So let's see...what to talk about...what to talk about.

The other day...I was talking to Andy from Kentucky...he was eating some A&W. He told me that and that reminded me of this little video that Tyanananananana introduced me to a long time ago...I may have posted it before...but here it is again. It makes me giggle.

alright...moving on.

It's sorta depressing that my blog is dead...and that I've got nothing to talk about.

I feel like there's tons to talk about, but then I never talk about any of it.

I mean, I spend my time doing pretty worthless lame things these days.

I love to play guitar hero and american idol... LAME!

see? I just hang at hilltop and work on diamonding that shit. That means I sing the songs perfectly... :) It's fun. should totally get it.

yep...I'm a loser.

The other day...I gut stuck in a blizzard... I promise. I had a class on the ropes course...and it decided to snow just during that time...for an hour and a half. I had to stand outside in one spot facing the wind in the snow. It was ridiculous. I had to belay all the kids...I'm pretty sure the belay wasn't that safe. I was soo hands felt like they couldn't grip. It was terrible. I stayed in one spot for so long that I had a mound of snow over my shoes. It was the first time my fingertips have ever turned white. My face was soo numb that my words just came out all funny. Strangely enough, I took a nap yesterday afternoon, woke up, went outside, and couldn't even tell that it had snowed 4 inches the day before. There was not a drop of snow anywhere. All the while it's warm as can be in indiana and kentucky. I'm sure that's gonna change for me as soon as I step foot off the plane. That's how my luck goes.

I'm getting a weird addiction to Little Debbies...

We're playing this game here at astrocamp mow called assassin. It's intense... I can't really talk about it much on my blog...because people may be spying... I don't want them to get any clues...ha. It's makes everybody paranoid don't want to die. It's crazy. I killed someone and it was super fun...

woo...OH!!!! I just got a mountain bike!!!! I wouldn't normally be so excited...but it's a $1200 trek mountain bike and I got it for $250. Astrocamp is selling off some of their old bikes to get new ones. They are nearly brand new. They only get ridden a little bit in the summer...I'm so excited to have a bike again. I'm even gonna get my dad one.

I think that's all for now...

friggin' comment...ok?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

i know you really want an update...

and i'll give you one after i'm done with this group in 3 hours...

so stay tuned.


I'm really really excited about who I get to see this weekend.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007


So, it turns out I unexpectedly have some time off this afternoon. Sweet. The only unsweet thing about it is I woke up from my nap to go tech, and then it turned out I didn't have to. I could have stayed asleep. Oh well. So now, I've got about an hour and a half off...then I have to work a bit...then I have the evening off nice.

I talked to my boss about the summer. I had already talked to him about possibly being here. Now, I may not be here. I told him if he needs me, I'll stay...but if he has a replacement...then I wouldn't mind having it off. There's a few instructors from this season that would like to be here in the summer, but there aren't any spots left. He wants me to be the assistant climbing instructor. I guess the climbing instructor is going to be a guy and he would like a girl working with him. That way, the kids will feel more comfortable. You know...the girls will have a girl...the boys will have a boy. There are no girls at this point that could take that spot. I hope he can find someone to replace me.

I would really like to have the summer off so I can climb my little heart out. Plus, there are certain people I would love to see. I was really thinking about taking the summer off, then I decided I wouldn't mind staying...but then new developments have me thinking I wouldn't mind a few months off to spend some time in good ole Kentucky!

I definitely be back in the fall. I love this place.

Wow, this is stuff I am sure nobody cares a bit about. That's alright.

It's update number two in two days. That's crazy.

How about some randomness

*I love Jello night.

*the 5.10 outlet is spectacular. I got some brand new climbing shoes for $10... Plus some kick ass retro shoes for $29. It was great. I shall go again.

*I wish I didn't have this stinkin cough.

*Idyllwild is a small town...which means there's not a lot to do. I spend a lot of time at Hilltop playing the American Idol game. That's lame. REALLY LAME.

*Looks like we may be getting another girl instructor. This means she may have to move into Pine. This means I may be getting a roommate. Damn it. Oh well...half the time I end up sleeping on the couch at Hilltop.

*I can't wait to go to Kentucky. I like that state a lot.

*well I'm gonna go now.

*comment now!


I think I'm doing slightly better updating this thing. That's good. I don't want to see this blog go. It has been around since December of 2004. That's a looong time. It definitly is not standing at its proudest moment, but that's alright. It will pull through. We will all pull through. Sigh...

So yeah, remember that Numa Numa song? The fat kid dancing to it? I posted it a looong time ago...


There's a link at the bottom.

Anyway...our building rockets classroom has a CD player, and that song is on one of the CDs. It amazes me that all the kids know it. However, they don't know the dance. I do. So take that. Ha. Anyway, the song is sort of stuck in my head. Weird.

That was an attempt for something interesting. Don't think it worked.

My blog is getting close to 20,000 visitors. That's kind of cool.

Well, I think that's all I really got. I'm such a boring person these days. I also have no clue what is going on in the world around me.

I mean, I forget I'm even in California until I see an L.A. times and then Arnold is on the front page. I mean, he's the governor. Weird.

I was at Burger King the other day. There was a poster for a burger. The slogan on it said "So beefy, it should run for governor." Of course! That's it! You want your leaders to beefy. That's the best way to be.

Crazy crazy.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

So yeah...

I'm still working right now. I was supposed to be off a couple hours ago, but there was a bus mix up. A school that was supposed to leave is still here.

Sort of pissed. Or maybe just disturbed. It happens that the school I was in charge of this time was a Muslim school. Their bus was here. However, it was the same company that screwed up the bus of the other school.

So, the school that is still here thought the Muslim's school bus was their's. Turns out that they didn't send a bus up for the other school.

The bus driver of the bus that was here for my school was a Hispanic lady, and the school that is waiting is an all Caucasian Catholic School.

So there, you've got your set up. The Muslim school was a perfectly nice school. The kids were good. The chaperones were nice. You could definitly notice some cultural differences, but that's to be expected. I learned to write my name in Arabic, and that's pretty cool.

So yeah, the Hispanic bus driver told a chaperone from the Catholic school that she would much rather trade and take their school down the mountain.

That disturbed me. Just because it was a heavily populated Arabic school doesn't mean a thing.

Reminded me of the movie crash.

I'm sure the bus driver herself has faced some discrimination. Not only for being Hispanic, but maybe even for holding a job such as being a bus driver.

There she goes and turns around and discriminates against the Muslims.


Enough about that.


The weather is sooo nice.


Wish I wasn' t sitting inside right now.

wish that bus would go on and get here.

Check this picture out:

This is of a cool problem at Joshua Tree called Gunsmoke. It's a 70 ft long traverse. I like it a lot.

Wish I was climbing it right now.

Monday, March 12, 2007

no no...

I'm not going to delete this blog. However, I'm not sure I can think of much things that are controversial that I really even want to talk about. I'll try to come up with something. Thing is, when it comes to politics or things like that...I'm not a conservative...but I'm not sure I'm quite a liberal...maybe just in between somewhere... or apathetic...

Who knows.

I went to the beach yesterday. It was spectacular! The weather is soo amazing! I love it. I wore shorts today...and yesterday at the beach...I actually got to wear my swim suit.


The day before that, I went to Joshua Tree yet again. I like it there a lot. What a cool place. I tore my fingertips to pieces.

Last week, I asked a kid what orbited around the earth, and he said the sun. It was kind of funny. Poor kid.

Today, I had a kid almost put his hand in a bowl of liquid nitrogen. Smart one. He was thinking hard.

Guess what? I think Rose gone and done got herself a boy. Confused? So am I...not sure how that one happened. It's a good thing though. We'll see how it goes. He's nice. It's really weird to actually be interested in someone. That hasn't happened in a loooong time. I'm for real guys. I'm mean...I'm not even being wishy washy. Yikes!

Daylight savings time...

The other day...the kids in my dorm woke me up at 5:50. I was so mad. I went and yelled at them...telled them to get back in their rooms because they still had an hour of quite time. A chaperone then let me know that it was 6:50. Oops. I felt bad. I was pretty mean to them.

Life's good.

I'm going to make this blog better again. I promise. Pinky promise.

Maybe I need to find a funny picture...or a funny video. I'll get on that!

You guys rock my world.

the speed of light is 186,000 miles per second. It's not just a good's the law. :)

word of the day:

it's just fun to say.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

i know...

it has been a while...

oh how i've neglected this blog. I'm sorry :(.

I hope you are still here!

Life is good.

There was a lot of snow last week.

I escaped though. I went down the mountain to Joshua Tree.

I had a friend come into town and go to Joshua Tree with me... a friend from Kentucky. I'm very glad he came to visit...good times...

wow...sorry...this still sucks.

Should I shut it down?