Monday, June 27, 2005

Star Wars

So...I guess I need to tell you what I thought of Star Wars...

*Well...I didn't watch it. Sorry :(. I got out of it. GO ME!!!!!!! Maybe some other time.

*I went to mass yesterday. It was the evening mass which is apparantly contemporary. It was in fact contemporary...for say...1985...ha. was good. They sang He is exalted... The weird thing was they changed up all of the songs that get sung basically at every mass. They even changed up a song where the only word is Amen over and over was kind of strange. It was good least they were in a range I could sing. Ha. Plus..the priest guy is awesome...

*I have a deep post stirring up in my mind...maybe I will post about it later. It has to do with opinioins...what's yours? ha...

*'s time for me to go to lunch

*have you noticed that I use .... too much?

Friday, June 24, 2005

now that's disturbing...

So apparantly there are a few things you can search for and my blog comes up near the top of the list. My blog is turning so dirty...

Here are some examples:

If you search for livejournal "my boobs are big" on google, my blog comes up as the 7th result.

*This is funny because I don't use livejournal...and my boobs aren't big...but Asher's are :)

Somebody linked to my blog by using AOL search and searching for broadripple pics boobs, and I came up as result #7 also.

*People in this world are weirld...

If you search google for broadripple boobs, my blog is the #1 result.

*Now that's sweet.

On top of that, Sarah thinks my new picture in a star makes me look like a porn star. Thom agrees. So I am thinking about putting a link in the side bar saying "click here to see boobs," then when people click on it, all they will get is the man boob picture. What do you think? Is that a good idea?

This post is probably making my blog climb hire in the ranks of boobdom...

Random thoughts for the day:
*Who goes to Mcdonalds at 2 in the morning and walks through the drive thru and spends $15 dollars on 2 people? Weird...
*I think Brian is going to make me watch the very first old star wars tonight...I guess that would be episode will be my first star wars...I may finally be able to call myself an American
*Mcdonalds has big macs 2 for that's sweet...but i wonder how many people are now eating big macs 2 at a time
*I get to leave work soon and that makes me happy.
*What makes me even happier is that soon after that I will be hanging out with Brian
*you shouldn't argue with drunk people...
*I have been listening to the new Weezer cd and it is pretty good...I like Weezer...
*Star Wars..mmmm....

last edit names..

Edit #4 (and final): if you want your name added...i will do it on a later post...this one is for sarah.

Edit #3: Josh and Brian T. have been added...

Edit #2: Thom has now been added...

Edit: Asher has been added...

Well so far...two people have given me their names. If you want me to do this for you, just give me your name. If you have no clue what I am talking about, read yesterday's post :).

Alright, I will start with Tyana...she didn't leave me her name...but it still counts :)

01. something I like about you: You're're drink...and you were a music minister's wife..that makes you awesome!!
02. what song/movie/icon reminds me of you:
I will not forget you...because of the dancing part...ha.
03. If I were to apply an o'clock to you, would be: ummm....I don't know 6:30 because that is what time small group starts...right...
04. a single word that best describes you: I already told you...Lafonda...haha...
05. most memorable moment I've had with you:
Oh I don't know..there have been so many...I like going out to lunch with you guys or going out to Applebee's after practice...going to Chuck E. Cheese...the Napoleon Dynamite contest...alright..that is a lot of moments...
06. I will tell you what animal you remind me of: a have 10 of them.
07. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you: hmmm...I have always wondered how you and Josh stay so cool and keep such an awesome friendship...that's what I want :).

OH..and now it's on to C. Brian. :)

01. something I like about you: Can I change that to some things I like about you? Ok..I guess not..where there are a lot of things...but I guess for today I will be shallow and say I like your hair :).
02. what song/movie/icon reminds me of you: Tears in Heaven because you always play/sing that song.
03. If I were to apply an o'clock to you, it would be: You probably could guess this...but I am going to go with 5 a.m. because that is what time we would stay up talking with each other and not even think twice about it.
04. name a single word that best describes you: unbelievable
05.the most memorable moment I've had with you: oh wow...where to start...every moment is awesome..oh that's cheesy...but that is what I am going to already know the memorable moments :).
06. what animal you remind me of: giraffe because that is what Debbi said you looked like when you did that funny walk
07. something that I've always wondered about you: I know this isnt exactly about you...but I have always wondered what it would be like to actually get to meet your dad. is yours...

01. something I like about you: You can sit and talk with me about enzymes and think it's interesting.
02. what song/movie/icon reminds me of you: Super Mario Bros. because we played that a few times.
03. If I were to apply an o'clock to you, it would be: Ummm...probably 8:00 am because you would im me a lot around that time
04. name a single word that best describes you: I gave you that already...PAGE
05.the most memorable moment I've had with you: Melody Inn...time #1...time #2 was good too...but I think time #1 wins because Star Trek Nick was with us.
06. what animal you remind me of: A bat...I guess...because you stay up late all the time?
07. something that I've always wondered about you: Why in the world do you like that necklace you have??'s yours...

01. something I like about you: You are definately the coolest phone engineer guy I know...I like the random emails I get from you from time to time
02. what song/movie/icon reminds me of you: Star Wars because of the time Srini found out I had never seen Star Wars...How can you call yourself an American if you have never seen star were there..I guess that really is just a Berbee memory
03. If I were to apply an o'clock to you, it would be: This is the hardest one...I am going to say 12:00 pm because that is lunch time...I don't know...
04. name a single word that best describes you: uh...tall?
05.the most memorable moment I've had with you: I would have to say that it was the Kokomo install...Jonathan, Steve-O and I went to the liquor store and brought you and Srini back some stuff, then we went to Outback and drank some more.....had to stay in Kokomo for the night and it was raining so woke up and the front of your Audi was all messed up...yep...that really sticks out in my mind...
06. what animal you remind me of: This is another hard one...I am going to say a snake because you have been lurking quietly around these parts...
07. something that I've always wondered about you: Do you hate all the traveling you have to do?


01. something I like about you: you are very laid back and cool
02. what song/movie/icon reminds me of you: This isn't one song..but techno music...because that is what you finely started dancing to with me that one night we went to the vogue
03. If I were to apply an o'clock to you, it would be: 9:00 pm because you work at the mall and that is what time it closes.
04. name a single word that best describes you: I gave you that one already: Mac
05.the most memorable moment I've had with you: That time we had a mini snowball fight...good times.
06. what animal you remind me of: a worm...because they like apples...
07. something that I've always wondered about you: do you like being a mac genius?

Brian T.

01. something I like about you: you give awesome Kentucky hugs
02. what song/movie/icon reminds me of you: Little Nicky...The Deep South (weird laugh here) you know why...
03. If I were to apply an o'clock to you, it would be: I am going to give you two: 9:00 pm because that is what time I would wait for your calls at Cumberland and 7:30 because that is what time you would call me everyday to see if I was up.
04. name a single word that best describes you: brianisrockhard...just because that is what readers of this blog know you by.
05.the most memorable moment I've had with you: the strawberry shortcake doll
06. what animal you remind me of: a bear..
07. something that I've always wondered about you: eh...if that purse I lost my senior of highschool is hidden somewhere in your guy's van...I guess that really isnt about you but you were there that night and you gave me a ride home and I really liked that purse...


01. something I like about you: you know what I am talking about when i say my family is crazy.
02. what song/movie/icon reminds me of you: I am going to change that to a T.V. show and that is Sex in the City...because you watch it a lot.
03. If I were to apply an o'clock to you, it would be: 6:00 because that is about the time I usually come over to eat dinner..
04. name a single word that best describes you:
05.the most memorable moment I've had with you: I think one that really sticks out in my mind is Polly Flinders or whatever...
06. what animal you remind me of: a fox..I don't know...
07. something that I've always wondered about you: Are you glad that you moved to Indiana?

Monday, June 20, 2005

I am coming back...I can just feel it...

Hello!!! How is everybody today??? I am well..thanks for asking! Ha...alright...moving on...

I know that for a while I was really on a roll as far as writing about faith issues...I sort of departed away from all that because really nothing has changed. I am still where I was when I started this darn blog. Actually, a lot has changed in my life, but no so much in my progress in finding a church and such the like. Well now, I have decided on a church I am going to go to for right now. This church has so many different ministry's crazy. It is really good to see. I like the guy who preaches too. They also have a young adult small group that gets together once a week. I already have a small group, but the more the merrier I guess... I think that this place will be my temporary home until I actually figure out what is going on in my head.

Last week, I went to Theology on Tap. I got to talk to the very same priest who inspired this post. I like this guy. He is very intelligent and actually listens. There was another guy there named Noah. He was funny. He told me he used to be Baptist too. I got really excited and gave him a high five. He then told me he converted when he was 2 and a half. Yeah..whatever...I told him I would love to talk to his parents. Anyway..he told me he thought that my soul was not too far gone yet and that there still was a chance that I could avoid hell. He was joking. All in all, the conversation with them was very good.

C. Brian is still around. We have not really talked about theological things lately. I think I am just exhausted and drained. I am just sick of talking and not going anywhere. I know he is there to spark up a good conversation if it is so needed though. Oh! Just in case you are wondering because I know there is some confusion in the matter...we are dating. Oh what would my baptist friends think? Oh well..Brian is different...he is nice and cute and funny and Christian...We have this weird crazy connection...When I am around him I just feel totally at peace...Alright..I will stop now.

So basically, I am still a Christian and I still feel like I have no sense of direction. I still wish that we all could be united and I still know it isn't going to happen. I don't care so much about minor theological differences. I don't think other people should either. I just think we should work together to show what Christ is all about. NOT what Christianity is all about because they are two totally different things. They shouldn't be..but they are....The view of Christians is definitely not who Christ is. Oh that is confusing... I am still not Catholic...although Noah told me I was ripe for the harvest..haha...

Tyana-your word for me was man-magnet...I like it..that makes me feel good ;). It must be because I am Asher so well put. For you tyana...I shall call you Lafonda...because you are the best thing that has ever happened to me...I'm 100% positive you are my soulmate...Ha..I just wanted to throw some Napoleon Dynamite in the mix.

I fell that soon I am going to have a very insightful is coming!!!! until then... I am ripping this off of somebody's Xanga...but hey...why not? I know we already did number 4...kind of..this time..all you have to do is give me your name...I will give you the rest.

01. Reply with your name and I will write something I like about you.
02. I will then tell what song/movie/icon reminds me of you.
03. If I were to apply an o'clock to you, I'll tell you what it would be.
04. I will try to name a single word that best describes you.
05. I'll tell you the most memorable moment I've had with you.
06. I will tell you what animal you remind me of.
07. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Well look at that.

I must say that GoLive is awesome. I just redesigned the blog (just in case you didn't notice). What do you think?? I like it. No more pink..that's sad.

In response to the people who actually signed their name on the describe me with one word post....

Asher- I shall call you PAGE... You understand

Josh- You call me apple?? That would be what I call you. I don't know if I should take you calling me an apple as a compliment or not...I'm not a pear?? Isn't that what all women strive to be?? Ha..instead, I shall call you Mac.

All the other words were just random recognition..hA!!!

My weekend is about to start and I am a happy girl. I took the day off tomorrow. Asher is coming down...JOSH HAS HIS FIRST SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright..that's all for now.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

just do it.

Describe me in one word.

*If you respond...maybe I will come up with a word for you :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

random things...

1) Last year, I went to the Clay Aiken concert for my birthday. Brian T. bought me the tickets. I asked him if I made him a t-shirt would he wear it. He said he would because he didn't think I would do it. So, with the help of Josh (husband of Tyana), I made some shirts with some pretty clever sayings. One side of the shirt said if I was invisible, I'd stalk Clay. The other side of the shirt said I wish I was a fly on Clay's wall. They were awesome, and we both wore one. Of course, Brian's was a stalker black color and mine was fun and bright blue. We got a lot comments on the shirts. A lot of people thought they were awesome, some people found it plain creepy. Here is where the real part of the story comes in: I was talking to this lady who works for a promotions company. They work for many concerts in the area. She happened to be working at the Clay Aiken concert last year. She was telling me about some of the crazy stuff people did. I guess some girl made a scrap book to give to Clay of her and Clay together...basically declaring her love for him...other stuff like that. I told her that I made shirts for Brian T. and me. I then proceeded to tell her what they said. She goes "You guys were the one's wearing those shirts??" Apparently there were so many attempts by people to get to Clay, they had to take the shirts seriously and there was security watching us all night. Ha...that made me laugh so hard. We weren't going to do anything. They were just funny shirts. She said it was all over everybody's radios to watch us. Wow. I think that makes it all the more embarressing for Brian T. I think he had fun wearing the shirts though...

2) Michael Jackson is not guilty...I didn't think he would be found was a weak case in my book. I hope he goes straight from this into a world tour. It would definatly be sold out I think. Even I want to go and I'm not even a Michael Jackson fan...

3) Tyana thinks I'm ignoring her :(. I'm not I promise! I love you!!!!!!!!

4) I saw a van for a church last night, and the back of it said Escape hell...Jump on This Bus! I wonder if that bus is in fact heaven and if somebody really tried to jump in it what they would do. Also they had painted flames all around the bottom of it. I wish I would have had my camera. I am going to find that church and find the fan and take a picture...that is when I get the motivation...

Monday, June 13, 2005

more coming later....

I dont have time to update...but I wanted to get that pic off the front as Tyana requested..'s off...k?


Thursday, June 09, 2005

So who is weird??

According to Asher's comments in the post below...he says he is only 50% fact...I believe this is what he said...

At 7:59 PM, sacuL rehsA said…

yea, well, uh... I'm only 50% weird. You're like, 70% weird (30% normal). Apparently I keep most of my weirdness to myself... so I must have had a normal streak that preempted that "weird" comment. Which is weird by itself because I've been spending most of my time in lab. That's why it's cool living on the 50/50, if you're normal for more than 1/2 the time, that's weird, so theoretically I could be normal most of the time and still fill my weird quota, only to unleash total weirdness on comments on your blog. Or whatever, I don't think I really helped myself here...

Well...I found this picture on his blog. The caption read "Apparently at one point I was too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt. I think this was the shot where I was told that if I flexed I'd fill out Linz's bra. Sure enough, my boobs are big. And it looks like I've gotten a little soft since last season... :("

I must agree that his chest does look big. I think it may look bigger than mine. If Asher was a girl though, he would look like one of those freakish bodybuilder girls, so better stick to being a boy. point is...well I don't really have a point. This post makes absolutely no sense. I guess I just wanted to point out Asher's weirdness. It is a good weirdness though. He is a cool kid. Go visit his blog and leave him a sexy comment :). After all...doesn't he just look scrumptious? I mean...look at those abs..ha.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

bonjour!! je voudrais un chat..

Well...I have a lot to say, and not much time to say it. First...I am going to continue on from the last post, so scroll down a bit if you are confused. People are still hitting my blog like crazy from google images. It looks like the reason is that they are searching for rose and my pic comes up. These people are confused by the fact that the picture of me is obviously not a rose. Actually, it is a rose. My name is Rose, thus it is a rose. One other fun fact: 10% of the people coming to my blog are coming from france. That is why my title is in french..ha.

Speaking of those boots: I got a random comment on the first post where that picture showed was kind of funny, and I know none of you are looking back at the april I thought I would move it to the top:

At 3:25 PM, Anonymous said…

um yeah - them boots is coool.

i saw a chicken once frozen in a lake n i thought he could really use boots like the ones u gots on...

i felt bad for the chicken

Now..I went out of Saturday night for my ex-stepsister's 21st birthday. We went to 21 different places. It was fun. I was the designated driver. (imagine that) They were checking ids like crazy in broadripple. There were a lot of police out because of Taste of Broadripple. At one place they even asked me what my sign was. I found it weird. I know I look like I am 12..but dude! I am almost 23! stupid stepsister didn't bring two forms of id with her. I had to meet up with them in broadripple because I had a run downtown before that, so I couldn't make sure she had two forms with her. I was very suprised that nobody informed her of that. We couldn't get into one place, so we tried for peppers. We wouldn't have been able to get in there, but luckily we got one of the employees to vouch for her. It really helps that I spend a lot of time there. After that, we went and got a second form of id out of the car so we could go to the vogue.
Funny story about that:

There was a girl in front of us that they were kicking out of line and taking her id away from. She was throwing a fit. Now, to me she looked 21, but apparently her id didnt. There was a police officer right by her telling her she needed to leave. He then looked at her id, and looked at her and said "when did you get a nose job?" Ha!! It was funny..especially when she said "A few months ago actually" We laughed. She got her id back, but still didnt get in.

Now for a bit of a rant:

We left the vogue at about midnight to go to the south side. What the hell??? What are people's obsession with the south side bars. I for one HATE them. They are good if you get a good size group of people together. Seriously though, who leaves broadripple to go the southside and go out? I live in broadripple, no way I want to head down to hick town. The idea is to get out of the south side, not spend for ever there. feel my pain. I guess people enjoy it.

Music minister turned rock star!!!!

Josh debuts as the drummer of great scott on thursday night at Peppers after battle of the bands. This means they won't be on till after 12 probably but Josh will be there!! It will be worth the trip!! He rocks! I am excited! I know great scott is excited too...

Alright..I think that is all I am going to say today!

Thursday, June 02, 2005


So I was checking out my website stats via today. I found something that I found a bit strange. It seems that I am getting roughly 50 visitors a day that are coming to my site via a google images search. What picture are they searching for you say? It's the one you find below. You may remember that I posted this one a while back. I believe it was at the beginning of April to draw attention away from some heated discussion. It's not even that great of a picture..ha. Now, the people that are coming to my blog are coming from all over the world. You can see that from the pie chart that is below my picture. I am sorry that it is a bit fuzzy. I had to change it to a jpeg to use hello to post it. I think you get the idea. There are roughly 20 countries represented. Crazy yo. Sooo...if you have linked to my blog from google images...leave me a comment...Tell me what you searched for to find me. Say least people are looking at my blog :).

By the way: You can find the orginal post and all of it's comments here:

and here is the graph....

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


It seems like blogging is all the rage these days. There is Xanga, Livejournal, Typepad, Blogger, Myspace, and probably a whole bunch more. As I recall, chat rooms used to be pretty cool, now it's blogs. They always say not to trust people that you meet online, but for some reason, the world of blogs seems like a safe place, doesn't it? I don't know, that is what it kind of feels like to me. If I read somebody's blog, I assume the things they are saying about themselves are true. I assume the things they say about their beliefs are true. I am sure that is not the case. There could be crazy blogging rapists or kidnappers just lurking around. Maybe they don't waste their time with that. Not very many people would be that motivated to meet their blog friends. They are just that, blog friends. They aren't the real life kind you go out with and things like that. I know that real friends read this too. There are real friends, and then there are blog friends. badchristian is having a blogvention next year. That would be a chance to get a lot of blog friends together. What do you guys think of that? Should blog friends meet? Will it change the way people write? It wouldn't change mine because I want people I know reading it. Ok, this is kind of random. Now, If you haven't heard of you should check it out. It is different. The whole purpose is not really the blog part but to find people you know or meet knew people. I decided to check it out, and now i get requests from guys wanting to be my friends. I wonder if myspace friends ever meet each other and how that works out. I am not saying having online friends is bad, but it seems that it is kind of messing with our reality this day. My friend matt pulled the plug on his xanga and it made me sad. I liked to read it and I liked his comments. He said we would just have to talk in person from now on. ha. I have became dependent on blogs to keep updated on my friends' life. That is the thing these day. Technology baby! I still love technology, but not as much as you you see...but i still love technology...always and forever...

Alright, that is all I am going to ramble about today! Talk at me!