Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I almost got hit by lightning...

sweet. As I am typing this, I am sitting here drenched from the run I just took. My friend Eric and I just went running. As we started running, it started raining. We were cool with that. It's fun to run in the rain sometimes. We made it about a mile from my house and lightning struck. It felt so close that both of us stopped. We decided it would be best to get to an area with some shelter. By the time we made it to College, it had pretty much blown over. We cut our 5 mile run to 3 miles. That's cool. It was fun...

So I got my hair cut today...I like it. It's all summery and fun. Maybe I'll take a picture sometime. Or...better yet...look at the picture at the top of the page. That's basically what it looks like now. Same hair cut as last summer. Sorry to the people that like it better longer. I like it both ways. This is easier.

4th of July. What are your plans? I'm not completly sure what I am doing. I know I do plan on catching a Fireworks show...maybe do some mullet hunting...

I wish I had something thought provoking to say. I really don't. If I could come up with something comment worthy...I'd be all over it. Hold up...let me check the news...

How about this. I wonder if it would work? I think it's catchy.

Oh wait...I just found something. Back in April, I went to Cincy, I wrote a little about it in this post.

Basically, what's important is this part:

So do you know what is creepy? A group of 50 Abraham Lincoln look-a-likes. Now you may be saying..."Rose, how would you know if that is creepy or not? It's not often that many look-a-likes are in one area. Well they were. I have a picture with proof. Unfortunately, it's in my digital camera. I'm at school, I don't have my camera with me. Yeah, so just believe me. I was in Cincy on Saturday and I was at the Freedom Center. There were Abes everywhere! I was getting sort of freaked out. Some of them were short and fat, some of them were tall and skinny. They came in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I just didn't know what to do. I wanted to get my picture with a group of them, but I didn't. So sad.

So yeah, dang it all to heck. Look at this article. I guess I do have some good ideas in me... Too bad I didn't take a great picture...and then publish it...

I could be rich or something like that...well probably not...

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Now that's what I'm talking about...

What a weekend. Good times. I did a 5k on Saturday up in Fishers. It was fun. It was the first race I did since the mini. Jessie came up and did it too. She's getting the running bug...sweet.

So yeah, this had no mile markers at all. I didn't know what was going on or how far I had to go...The last 5k I did was Best Buddies Dash for Friendship. In that race, I ran a 24:42. I was pretty excited about that. It was the first 5k race I ran that I broke 8 minute pace. PLUS I got third place in my age group (20-29) and 6th place for the women. (20th overall) Of course, this race was REALLY slim pickings...only 137 people did it and of those 137, only 42 even broke 30 minutes.

Ok, back to this past weekend's race...My goal was to break 24. I figured I have been training for about 2 weeks, I had that in the bag :). I did a 23:27! That's exciting to my pace was 7:32!
Sweet. In this race, I ended up getting second in my age group...again, this age group was 20-29. So, I got second in a group of 45. PLUS I ended up 13th out of 317 females. This time, there were about 300 people that broke 30 minutes...a little better than Best Buddies. Still yet, it wasn't like the super fast runners of the world were running it, I got a second place silver medal. That's enough to keep my motivation up and going! So check it out... Go Here and change it to show the top 15 see me! My name is spelled wrong, but there I am! It's enough to make me feel cool.

It's a long way from were I was a year and a half ago when I ran my first 5k race. I ran the Jingle Bell Run in December of 2004 in 31:10... YIKES! That shows you that almost anybody has hope :). Jessie, you beat that you'll be kicking my butt soon :).

So enough about running, this run was part of the Fishers Freedom Festival, so after the run, we got to partake in some festival activities...there were water balloons, there was singing, there was everything...most importantly, there was a TENT FULL OF PEOPLE GIVING AWAY FREE STUFF! Now that's what I'm talking about. Of course, none of it is stuff you's just the pure excitement that comes from getting all the stuff. It most definitely was random. Very random. We laughed very hard. It was just like a south side festival, just minus the mullets...

k. I think that's all I'm going to say for now.

Friday, June 23, 2006

The day is on it's way to being over.

I remember Friday's when I was little. The biggest thing I looked forward to was watching the shows on TGIF on ABC. I still remember the song...It's Friday night and the moon is bright, gonna have some fun, show you how it's done...TGIF. Yeah. I think in my way younger years I would sing along. Then, the first show would come on and it would be Full House. That was my favorite...there was Family Matters, Step by Step, Boy Meets World, and a whole bunch of other ones that made their way through the rotation. Now, those were good times. Why can't life be simple like that again?

So it's been a busy week. Well, sort of a busy week. It's been good fun. I have ran a lot. That's good for me! I'm keeping some sort of motivation up. I run a little 5k tomorrow. I haven't done a race since the mini, so I'm itching to go get some race excitement in me.

The other day, I went to the climbing gym with Brian Math. He's a climbing fool. I had fun. I left feeling a bit defeated. I 'm weak. I need to work on my muscles. :). I think I am going to go again sometime. I like it.

So yeah, life is crazy in a good way. I'm happy it's summer. I'm happy with the sunshine, I'm happy with the thunderstorms. I'm happy with the people I'm around, I'm happy with myself. I'm just a happy little camper. That's why I smile.

Speaking of camping. I would like to go camping soon. Anybody wanna go with me????

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Today, I climb a wall.

I'm going to a climbing gym today. This should be crazy interesting. Hey! At least I'm getting some good cross training in. It's going to kick my bootie. I'm going to be so sore. I'm excited though. I haven't done anything like this in a while.

So running. I really feel like I am getting better/faster. I like it. I guess this is what happens when you run consistently. Usually, I want to just will it so that I will be able to get faster. For that reason, I'll go weeks a time without running and sill expect to have a perfect race. Silly me. Well, from the short amount of time that I have actually been making some better effort, I feel the improvement. I mean, I can even see the improvement. My muscles are looking nice. :). So yeah, hopefully I can keep this motivation up.

So let's see...the weekend was pretty good. It was busy. I did all kinds of stuff. Saturday night, Jessie came up to Broadripple. We went out with my friend Aryn. We played lots o darts. It was good times. Friday, I went and saw a comedian (on the freaking south side). He was ok. Nothing crazy spectacular. Still, good times.

I guess that's a really brief synopsis.

In other news: The T key on my keyboard is not working all that great. I keep having to hit it extra hard. It's sort of driving me nuts.

Well I'm off for now...wish me luck with the wall...

Friday, June 16, 2006

what's better than going on a bike ride?

So yesterday, I got to have some nice quality time with the South Side Lynsey (and the North Side one too).

The plan was to go on a bike ride. Well, Southside and I were. I had already ran quite a few miles. I smelled. I smelled BAD. You can ask Southside about that...she'll agree. Don't worry. I did shower. Anyway, Southside and I decided not to bike ride. Instead, we decided it would be nice to eat junk food and watch a movie. That's what we did.

We went to the store and bought two bags of chips and some ranch dip. We had called on someone else to bring dessert stuff over. So, we went home, and while we were waiting, we tore into the chips. It's sort of scary how many chips we ate. We were HUNGRY. Once the other food got there, we had some Zebra Cakes, some wine, some twizzler's pull and peel, and some ice cream. WEll, we never actually made it to the ice cream. Maybe some other time.

So then, we watched Pride and Prejudice. It was good. It was a nice little girly movie night.

One other thing, OUR COUCH IS AWESOME. We had four people sitting on the couch and there still was room to be sort of spread out. At one point in the night, six people were over. I am sure we all could have sat on there.

Wow. I am sure that you are very excited about our couch now. Maybe I am a bit too excited.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Send me there today...sigh

You Belong in San Francisco

You crave an eclectic, urban environment. You're half California, half NYC.
You're open minded, tolerant, and secretly think you're the best.
People may dismiss you as a hippie, but you're also progressive, interesting, and rich!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

That sucks

You may be asking your self "What sucks?" Well I will tell you my friend! It's the U.S. World Cup soccer team...they lost. They played a game that looked like they didn't really care if the won or lost. Granted, the lost to the #2 team in the was still a loss...which means we got no points. Italy won there game...which means we REALLY have to beat them on Saturday to have a chance of going on...Brian T. just bought a scarf. It hasn't came in yet. It would be a shame if he didn't get to use it very much. Sigh.

So this weekend, I made my way over to Mooresville for a party. That's in the middle of nowhere. So let's recap:

Things I have done in the past month:

Gone to Mooresville for a campfire
Gone to a fish fry
participated in game night (that was on the North Side though)
gone to a cookout on the south side...

AND last but not least!!!!!

I made it to the Our Lady of Greenwood festival. I didn't even know it was still going on. It was Sunday night after the Young Adult Mass. I was sad because i didn't have my camera to take pictures of mullets. I did only see one mullet though. The crowd was pretty low, since it was closing down. There were three of us, and between the three of us, we had $1.51. That was not enough to play some fishing game where you get a prize every time. I asked the lady if we could play for $1.51...she said we could, and now I am the proud owner of a pink dolphin. :). Then, Fr. Meyer (sp?) gave us $5 to buy food. It was the hardest $5 to spend. We couldn't even give it away. We tried to buy corn. They told us it was free. We still tried to give them money and they gave it back to us. We ended up getting one elephant ear, 3 ears of corn, and 3 drinks for $5. That's pretty good I guess.

I was sad that I couldn't go with Jessie. Apparently, she won $77 playing bingo.

OH! So after Young Adult Mass, there is always a dinner. The dinner generally takes place downstairs in the basement of the church. This Sunday, it had to be upstairs. You want to know why? There were blackjack tables going on down in the basement. I went down there to grab something from the kitchen...I got to witness it. It was like some sort of underground casino maybe you needed a password to get in the door. That wasn't the case, but it made me chuckle. I love being Catholic. I mean, you can see the gambling in the basement of the church, and the beer outside the church. They even had Texas Hold 'Em going. Sweet.

So yeah, I need to do some city things soon.

It's all good though. It's been fun.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

This picture gave me quite a chuckle.

Ha HA HA! That is absolutely amazing!!! That's all I have to say about that.

So Thom, where did you go? How did that 25k treat you? Did you give up on this blog? If so, I do not blame you. Are you stuck in a log cabin somewhere with absolutely no internet access? Is the only weapon you have a Cisco phone, but you have nowhere to plug it in?

So I was talking with my my friend Lynsey about this weekend...The Our Lady of Greenwood festival is this weekend. She suggested going mullet hunting. That sounds fun. I'll bring my digital camera. I love mullets. If you grow a mullet, I will pay you $ lie. Just think of all the things you could do with $20. If you took that $20 to the OLG play yourself some Bingo while drinking some beer...maybe even get yourself a SNOWCONE!

I'm at work right now. The air conditioner is broken...It's sort of hot. I wish the sun was in the room...maybe some sand...and some water. That would be good times.

So I read a story the other day about how Steve Urkel committed suicide. I was going to write about it. It turns out the story is false. Good thing I didn't feed the rumors. It's sort of funny...the story said his suicide note said "Did I do that?" and that's it. It would a sad sad thing if he was that obssessed with his character? mind is sort of random. It's all good though. Let's get some good conversation going folks.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I guess I have to...

Tyana tagged I guess I have to do this...oh well. Why not waste some time...huh?

oh what the heck? i'll amuse you, too. :) i'm bored, so why not? most of you know i'm a sucker for these dumb things...

How well do you know me?? For instance, did you know...

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Chuck E. Cheese team leader
2. Picture People assistant manager
3. Math Assistance Center tutor
4. Reese "analyst" (and as you know...this list could keep going :) )

Movies I would watch over and over:
1. Van Wilder
2. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Napolean Dynamite
4. Happy Gilmore

Four places I have lived:
1. Indianapolis, IN
2. Williamsburg, KY
3. Westminster, CO
4. Greenwood, IN

Four TV shows I love to watch:
1. Arrested Development
2. 24 (though I only catch it on DVD)
3. Sex and the City (yep...I''m admiting it...and I only catch that on DVD too)
4. My Name is Earl

Places I have been on vacation:
1. St. Petersburg, FL.
2. Phoenix, AZ (and the grand canyon)
3. Ft Myers, FL
4. and this one is sad...there are other ones...but I need to put this one on the list...Santa Claus, IN...for a freaking week...stayed at the Christmas Inn or something like that...went to Holiday World every that's sweet...

Four websites I visit daily/weekly?

Four of my favorite foods:
1. lasagna
2. Chicken Bryan from Carabba's
3. anything that has chicken, lemon, and pasta in the title
4. Mac and Cheese :)

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Seattle
2. visiting Tony!
3. on a lake somewhere...
4. riding my brand new bike (which I don't have yet)

Four Things I always carry with me:
1. cell phone
2. chapstick
3. keys (if I haven't lost them)
4. purse/wallet

Four friends who I have tagged that I think will respond:
1. Lynsey!
2. Asher (because I know you still read this from time to time)
3. Tony (you aren't much on these things...but maybe you could do one just this once? :))


Wow...well that was fun. Don't you think? Even if I didn't tag can still do it if you want. I'll let you.

So, I was just talking to Tyana on instant's a bit of our made me laugh. Crazy Tyana...

(15:00:59) tyana: i want a tattoo.
(15:01:05) ME!!!: of me?
(15:01:10) tyana: sure!
(15:01:11) tyana: lol
(15:01:14) ME!!!: sweet.
(15:01:29) tyana: i don't know of what. i've wanted one forever and have never been able to decide.
(15:02:28)tyana: i want something that has significant meaning, that's why i have trouble deciding
(15:03:32) ME!!!: well...a picture of me would have significant meaning...would it not?
(15:03:42) tyana: sure.
(15:03:56) tyana: but i was thinking more along the lines of like, something that would remind me of Jesus...
(15:04:09) ME!!!: i don't remind you of Jesus?
(15:04:10) ME!!!: haha.
(15:04:20)tyana: not now that you're catholic. my font is orange and I don't know how to put it back. Oh well. Oh Tyana...she's so funny. Ha, she was just joking. She loves me even though I am now Catholic. At least I think she does...I hope so.

:) So I think I am beginning to like summer more and more. Maybe because Indiana is on Daylight Savings now. I used to hate Daylight Savings Time...but shoot...I walked out of my house last night to go out to dinner...and it was 8:30 and bright as could be. I just smiled and then jumped into my jeep. I think the Jeep makes me like summer more too. I mean, the top can be down continuously...I can always work on my tan...and it's jus fun. Gotta love Jeeps.

In other work...I got designated to help grill out. I cooked 224 hot dogs. I smell like a human hot dog. Isn't that hot?

Monday, June 05, 2006

I'm back...please don't give up on me...I've got lots to say

I apologize for giving my faithful readers nothing the last few weeks. I know that you are very disappointed. I promise that this post will make up for it completely. In fact, due to my lack of preparing people. This post could be downright shocking. Are you wondering yet? Getting nervous??? Hmmm... I would be.


I know my pictures aren't working. I had them stored on my file manager for school. They changed systems. I just now figured that out. They should be back up and running soon. I know you are anxious. Edit...I think my pictures and stuff are working now. Not works on my computer at least. Let me know. Oh yeah, and I changed it back to the old way...well sort of the old way. Stupid me, I didn't save the template. I like the picture of me playing in the sand way too much not to have it up here. What do you think?


I am starting to wonder about my social life. The friday before last, I went to a fish fry. That's right, a fish fry. I left my house in Broadripple to go to a FISH FRY in Wannamaker (Huh?). It was good times. Then, this past friday, I come home and there is an assortment of people at my house for "game night." This is what cool people do my friends. Yes...very cool people. Don't you want in on it? There was a lot of Catch a Phrase action going on. I had a hot dog and ice cream cake. mmm. This is riveting reading isn't it?


You will never guess what I am doing for a bit of part time work right now. It's actually sort of sad. I'm a little bored, thought "hey! I could use a bit of extra money!" So...I went and got myself another partime job to add to my ranks. That's how I roll, know? No full-time work for me. So the place I am working is none other than the place I spent six years of my life at. I know I's crazy. will have to tell Josh about this. He'll get a kick out it. That's right's none other than the good old Chuck E. Cheese. I'm working on my master's in math...and I am working at Chuck E. Cheese. So that's a bit shocking...but not as shocking as number four.


Wait for it...wait for it...are you ready? Are you sitting down??? I'm CATHOLIC now. I mean, I have always been catholic, but now I am Catholic. It was not a last minute thing. I have been contemplating this for a long time. For some reason, I just forgot to let people know when I was going to do it. You may have guessed it would happen at some point, I mean, why else would I go to mass all the time. Anyway, it was a really awesome experience...getting confirmed and all that. I am very very appreciative to Fr. McCarthy. This priest sort of took me under his wing. He's awesome. He also is moving to Austria on Wednesday. That's sort of sad. Anyway, I have spent the past few months in contact with him. It was sort of my RCIA. Let me tell you, it was hard. He makes you answer your own questions. It was good though. I learned a lot. It was also awesome to participate in communion for the first time. I wasn't an outsider anymore. Ha..I never thought I would ever here the words I'm Catholic come out of my mouth. So yeah, that happened Saturday. I had a car full of people go down with me to Seymour. Good times...
After I got back...I went out with my roommie...she was really excited about becoming Catholic. She even said "welcome to the family." She was upset she wasn't we went out. The thing is...she not even a practicing Catholic. It makes me chuckle. Any yeah, so at the bar, we drank beer. Catholics can do that.

I do have some stuff to say...

To Tyana...sorry I neglected to tell you before the fact. You may have guessed it would happen at some time or the other. It's sort of weird isn't it? I'm still normal though. We should talk soon! I mean...Really soon.

To Matt...Yap...I guess the Anglican church is just not right for me. Ha...I'm Catholic. Think back to freshman year of college...When I said..."I'm not Southern Baptist! I'm Independent Baptist!." Where did this come from???

To Becky...What do you think mom and dad will say?

To them...I just wanted to throw your name in there because you read this. You're cool.

To Sarah...What up?

To my Catholic readers...Thanks to the peeps that went down with me on Sat. It was neat to have you there. And thanks to people that couldn't be there but were definitely on my mind (Tony, Jessica). I love you guys! You meant a lot to me on this loonies Hard journey.

To everybody else...It's weird isn't it? I'm freaking Catholic.

Ok..So that was the shocker.

There is probably a lot more I could say. I mean, deeper stuff that went through my mind. If you ask me questions about it, I will answer.


In other news...I can not find my keys anywhere!