Sunday, July 23, 2006

i guess my sister wants me to update...

My blog brings entertainment to her life.

It's been a crazy past week or so...lots of highs...lots of lows...

I went to Kentuckly last weekend to visit my friend Lori. I went to a pirate party. That was good times.

Don't I make a good pirate??? I also got to see some Cumberland folk. It was very random...and very good... My pirate costume was funny. ARRRRR...

The Johnson County Fair was this past week. You know I love a good fair. I made it down to eat some corn. We got some great we can make a fair video. It's gonna be crazy. Oh yes. The state fair is coming up. I can barely contain myself!!!

I had all kinds of blog worthy things that I have been saving up, but now I forget all of them.



So what else is new and great and crazy???

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I found out yesterday that my sister is leaving Kuwait and headed for Iraq. That makes me sad. I don't want her over there. I want her back here.

There's more to say about the weekend and such...but this pretty much trumps everything...

so yeah.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I learned my lesson.

So yesterday, I went to the climbing gym. Brian Math told me to warm up on this bouldering problem. If you are not sure what that means...then go here. I cannot accuratly describe it because I know no technical stuff. All I can say is you don't use ropes. Anyway, there was a mat underneath in case of a fall. Brian tells me when i get to the top, just fall. It's sort of high, I mean not that high, but sort of high. I broke a few bones in my life jumping out of trees. This was sort of scary. He instructs me not to land forward on my feet but back on my bootie...because landing on your feet is how bones get broken. So I get to the top, it takes me a few seconds to work up the courage to "fall." Well, my fall turned more into a jump. I landed on my feet, and my neck snapped forward and then back. I knew today was going to be a day of hurt. Brian tells me...I told you not to land on your feet. Well, my neck is so sore now, I'm not landing on my feet ever again. Dang him for getting me into this.

Jessie came over on Tuesday. She got her first Yat's experience. We then went and got stuff for margaritas and came back and made some.

Oh yeah...let me tell you, Monday, I got a taste of the most delicious little Pringle in the world. The flavor is Salsa Verde, and it's limited time only. So, on Tuesday, I went to the grocery store. They didn't have it. I was I went to another grocery store. They didn't have it either. I was telling Jessie about this lovely Pringle. I decide we should go try and find it. I call up the person who introduced me to this lovely little Pringle...he tells me he got it at a Wal-mart in Kentucky. Two problems: I'm not in Kentucky...AND I don't like Wal-mart. Well, I needed this little chip of we set off for Wal-mart. We get to the Pringles section and they don't have it. Luckily enough, Jessie spots some little individual packs of Salsa Verde Pringles in a variety pack. I had to buy a crap load of Pringles just to get 6 little individual packs of Salsa Verde. It was worth it my friend. It was.

We came home, and we watched the documentary on why Walmart is evil...because it is. Sam, if you are still around and reading this...I know we need to trade DVDs. Soon...soon.

Tomorrow, I'm going to a pirate party.

Which leaves me with this question:

What's a pirate's favorite part of the body?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Time to update...

I can't believe it's been over a week! Time has been flying by. Life's been busy.

It's been fun though. The 4th of July has past. I went down to the canal...ate some corn.

Speaking of corn...this past weekend...I played some cornhole. That was fun.

It was a pretty great weekend. I feel like I have all kinds of weight lifted off my shoulders...that could make for an interesting post...yet...I still can't be that mean. Maybe one day. All I have to say is this:

there is no chance. EVER. don't even ever think about won't happen...i'm too selfish...I won't do anything you want...sorry. You think I've's because I realized I was doing everything for you. I was stuck up your butt for 9 months. I had you on such a pedastool. I don't know why. Maybe it was a lapse in judgement. I defended you since the break up...said you were a nice guy. Even wanted to give you a chance. Forget that. I don't know why I ever did that. I should have spoken my mind to you. Of course...everything was my fault wasn't it? Right? Because it's crazy that other guys may see interest in me. Obviously, I should do something to prevent that...right? I certainly must be hoping for their attention. I thrive it right? Must be really flirty or something...couldn't be the qualities I possess as a person...could it? I didn't date any of those guys did I? Need I remind you what you did? Still, you throw these things n my face. WE'VE BEEN BROKEN UP ALMOST A YEAR! I moved certainly moved on...remember? Get over it, and stop making me feel like a bad person. And now...that's the first time I have ever said anything negative to you on this blog. This is still pretty nice. It's been a year now...get over it!


So I did a run last Tuesday...It was a 4-mile run. It was my best pace per mile yet for a race...I goal was to break 30 minutes...and I killed that! The official time was 29:35...7:23 pace. I'm getting closer and closer to breaking 7 minutes a mile in a race. Sweet. I met up with Jonathan close to the finish line to finish out the race with him...we had a little race. I think I won.


Monday, July 03, 2006

what a weekend.

So, on Friday, I'm driving into work, and I get a call from Brian Math...(I really need a better name for him...). He asks...are you working tomorrow? Yes...yes I am. "Oh well, I was thinking about heading down to the Red to go climbing...seeing if you wanted to go." Dang it...dang it...I want to go. I have to work. Let me see what I can do. Call the Chuck...they don't need it's all back Brian Math...yeah...I can go..."ok...Be at my house by 1." (it's 10 at this point). He really likes his rocks.

Sooo...I head down to Kentucky to the Red River Gorge. I called Tyana when we went through Cincy...told her I was going through. Sad thing was...she was heading to Indy. :( Missed seeing her. Dang it.

Once down in Kentucky, I ate dinner at this place called Miguel's pizza. This place is very unusual. All these climbers just set up tents behind this place and stay there. The pizza was great. It was a crazy atmosphere...Good times...good food...good people...

Wake up Saturday morning...and go have breakfast...then make our way to go climbing. I got to try it out. It was my first time. I had a blast. I am pretty sure I either have a bruise or a scrape on every inch of my body. I don't think my technique was quite up to par. It was so fun though. I like the battle wounds. I want to go back! I want to go to the climbing gym and get better and stronger. I met one of Brian's friends down there...I may be able to climb a little with her...that would be cool...I'm all excited now and want to get climbing shoes and such. That's probably how Brian planned it...turn everybody in the world into a person at a time.

Saturday night...we went and saw some fireworks. It was part about it...and it's now so funny now that I am retelling the story...but before the fireworks show starts you here this guy yell "Kathy! start the music!." I seriously lost it. I don't know...maybe it wasn't that funny. The music starts...and it's AC/DC TNT. How appropriate...good times good times...

Right so...I am going to go watch the Beech Grove fireworks tonight...that should be exciting...of won't be as exciting as the one in Kentucky, but what can you do?

Tomorrow, I'm doing a 4 mile race...wish me luck :).