Thursday, December 13, 2007


My sister is pregnant. My LITTLE sister is pregnant. Not only has she been married for two years, but now she's pregnant. Good for her. She's 23. I could not even imagine being pregnant at 23. I can't even imagine being pregnant at 25. Actually, I can't even really imagine being pregnant. Maybe my parents will get off my back about getting married and producing them grandbabies. I'm glad my sister is fulfilling their wishes and I can remain as I am without harassment (hopefully).

So, Christmas is nearly here. I haven't done much shopping. I need to. I'm excited to see my family. I haven't lived around them for about a year now. It's weird not seeing my dad that often. We used to at least have lunch or something every week. Usually, we saw each other more than once a week. I miss him. I miss my sister, too, but she hasn't lived around me for a loooong time. Crazy girl. Living in Montana. I see my mom on a normal basis. We never were ones for hanging out often. I plan on spending Christmas morning/afternoon at her house...and Christmas Eve at my dad's house. I miss my Grandma too. I used to see her a lot. I wish I could see her more. I think Andy's going to be with me at Christmastime this year. It's not a normal thing for me to have a boyfriend with me on Christmas. Ok...not normal AT ALL. I think I'm even going to be tagging along with him on his family Christmas stuff. That's even less normal.

I like him alright.

Wow, this is boring boring boring.


Sunday, December 02, 2007

The blog that started it all...

I started this blog nearly 3 years ago...

Here's a link to that post.

I'm going to go ahead and cut and paste the blog too...

Sunday, December 26, 2004

I have a blog!

I have decided to create a blog. Too much has been making me mad lately and I just need somewhere to go with it, so enjoy! This is the day after Christmas now, and I am just randomly staying up all night..woohoo. Since this is my first post... I am going to share with you some random things.
*Yesterday I went to the Pistons/Pacers game. It was a good game, too bad the Pacers lost. That makes me sad. It was a pretty emotionally charged game. There was a guy sitting a few rows in front of us wearing a shirt saying "The world needs Jesus, We have Jesus, so let's show Jesus to the world." Let me tell you about how he "showed Jesus to the world." He was a Pistons fan, and he trashed talked the whole entire game. Somebody in the crowd yelled "hey, Jesus wants you to shut up!" What a great witness that was, huh? That really drives me nuts! Grrrr! Out of our whole entire section, the guy wearing the Jesus shirt was the biggest trash talker. Wow! and some Christians wonder why people hate Christianity!
*I was bored last night, so I decided to go make some noise in a Christian chat room. Sometimes that is really fun to do. We had some interesting conversations. Much debating was going on. I am going to share with you one funny comment a girl made. I asked what everybody thought about cussing, and it seemed like the main theme that came out of it was that God wants us to build people up and not tear them down and cuss words tear people down. So I asked if I think something is really cool can I say "that's the shit" because in essence I am not tearing anything down. Here is the kicker: this girl replies with "no, but you can say crap." I then come back with "so can I say you are full of crap"? because to me that sounds worse. She didnt seem to think that was wrong because I wasnt using an actual "cuss word." Another guy told me that the only reason why I cuss is because I am imitating what my parents did when I was younger. The funny thing is I have never ever heard either of my parents cuss. I didn't even know any cuss words until I started going to a public school in 4th grade, so that was a funny comment to make. Another guy said I wouldn't cuss if I had self-control. I NEVER CUSS!!! It is not even in my vocabulary! I get made fun of when I cuss because I sound funny. Apparently I sound too happy. Instead of giving me their input on cussing, it became a "lets cleanse rose of her obvious cussing sin." It was definitely a room full of fundies..haha!

That is about all I have to say for my first post..if anybody does read this, I hope you enjoy!

Wow, things have changed. For one thing, I went to a Pacers game on Christmas...and I was sad about them losing. Now, I care nothing about the Pacers. I went from being a season ticket holder to caring nothing. That's kind of sad. That was fun times. They just don't get the point and won't get of Jamaal Tinsley.

Now, what about the guy that made me mad at the Pacers game in his Jesus shirt? I still hate it that Christianity seems to be more about hypocrisy sometimes. It used to be that I would talk about that stuff on this blog, but I got tired of it. I don't know why...but I did. Maybe I just decided to be done with complaining about "Christianity as it is" as I was busy Blue Like Jazz and A New Kind of Christian and all the other books that Brian Mclaren wrote. I don't know...

There used to be a bunch of debating on this blog...not by me...but by the people that commented. That's the glory days of this blog...people actually COMMENTED! Now, I don't really write anything of interest. Maybe because I can't really think of anything to write. Instead, I just tell you about my boring life. Who really wants to hear about Andy and I checking out silly Christmas lights in the park. wooo...yep. That's how exciting I am. I mean I go climbing, but do you really want to here how excited I am when I take a little more of chance and get a little better of a lead head? Probably not.

One other funny thing in that blog is when I said I never cuss. That used to be true...3 years ago. Haha... Not so much anymore. I mean...I wouldn't say I cuss like a sailor...but I'm a bit more comfortable with cussing...and I probably don't look so funny and happy anymore when I do it. Well, maybe I do...

In other boring news...
Andy and I put a live Christmas tree up. I haven't had a Christmas tree...since uh...I don't know...I went to college... so it's kind of cool. We have stockings hung up on the fireplace mantle...Chili Dog even has one. It's kind of cheesy and I like it.

I won a trophy yesterday... ;) For winning second place in my age group in a 5k. :) Pretty cool. I've never won a trophy for placing in my age group. I mean, I was pretty pumped when I won a medal for placing in my age group at the freedom festival 5k. :) I think I have a picture of that...

Man...that was a fun race. Well, maybe not so much the race. I seem to remember no mile markers... There was a cool festival though, and a free stuff tent. (that's where we got the cool sunglasses) Good times. I miss those times.

I'm thinking I should kill this blog. Maybe I won't...

Monday, November 12, 2007


I got the desk removed from my classroom so I could finally rearrange my classroom the way I wanted. I stayed at work an extra two hours working on it. It's sad how excited I was to finally have it the way I wanted. I was proud of my book area and my dramatic play area...and that's kind of funny.

I like those preschoolers...they are fun.

I talk about them a lot. I'm so proud of them when they can write new letters or recognize new words...

Silly kids...

So what's up?

Friday, November 02, 2007


These are the jack o lanterns that andy and I carved.

That's mine up close

This is my Halloween costume. I was a guitar hero.

I even climbed in it.

There...that's halfway interesting.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I just carved my first Jack-O-Lantern ever! I think I did an alright job. :) Maybe I'll take a picture and post it. Andy carved one too. His is scarier than mine.

We keep doing all kinds of fall crafts in the preschool room. It's been fun.

Still don't know what to be for Halloween. Any suggestions?

Sorry that I've been lacking on this blog.

I know I say that a lot.

how are you?

Friday, September 28, 2007


sorry. I need to update. I know.

I don't know why I haven't.

I hope you are still there.

I miss you.


So right, there I was...

I like teaching little kiddies.

It's fun.

I ate a lot of carnival food today. Most of it was sub par. Oh well...but now I feel like there is a brick in my stomach.

Good times.

Who puts sprinkles on caramel apples???

That's just dumb.

I like mullets.

I like you.

Thursday, September 06, 2007



sooo...this past weekend, I went to the Red. I LOVE it there. On Friday, I hung in Lex with people. I love it there too. It was nice and somewhat of a culture shock to be out at a bar in a city. (and not even a big city at that)

I miss Astrocamp. They have gotten their first groups in for the fall. I'm sad I'm not there. I love Idyllwild. It's gorgeous and so unique. Never would I think that I would be wishing to be in a small town, but I think that place is amazing.

Things here are good though. I'm teaching little kiddies. It's fun. I can finally be in a room alone with a group, and that's nice. For a little while, I kept having to be in the nursery because I couldn't be with my kids alone. I'm not so much a fan of kids that age. All my background checks came back free and clear and I am now allowed to fingerpaint with the little kiddies. Wow...what fun times. I especially love the two hour naptime that takes place daily. I was wondering what I was going to do without the astrocamp two hour lunch break.

Andy's dog, Chili, got bit by something on saturday...we think it may have been a copperhead. It cut our climbing day short. Chili dog is ok.

Life is crazy. and I like it...

Monday, August 27, 2007


I was sick this weekend. I mean really sick. I looked like death. It was awful. Glad it came just in time for the weekend and I was better for work. Grrr... I mean not really...

So, yeah...

I have a Playstation II now! Andy got me it for my birthday. Now, I can play guitar hero at my own house. :). It's lovely. I'm excited.

I have dang barney songs stuck in my head.

that's about it.

what's going on with you?

tell me!!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007


I'm teaching little kiddies now. I mean, really little kiddies. Tought work. Forgot about that. Haven't actually seen a 3 year old in a long time. Oh well. It's gonna be fun.

Andy is trying to make an angel food cake as we speak. I wonder how it's gonna turn out. I hear they are hard to actually make right.


that's about it today.

Friday, August 10, 2007


So, I'm dooooooone with all the driving. It's stinkin hot outside.

I'm now in the great state of Kentucky.

I start work on Monday...dang it, not even a whole week and a half away from work. It's back to working with little kiddies for me. I can't get away from them. :) I'm such a nerd...I'm so excited to see what kind of science I can teach little preschoolers...haha.

Tomorrow, I going to be running a race for the first time in a looong time. I'm excited. That's the only reason why I run...the races....the free t-shirts. I just can't get motivated just to run to stay in shape. There has to be some end goal of me being fast or something...

I just found out that my old boss at Chuck E Cheese (I was there FOOORRREVEER) has breast cancer. :(

What else to say?


yeah, don't know...did I mention I got pulled over in Cali? The police officer told me I was going 90. My Jeep does not go that fast and this is a fact. He ended up just giving me a harsh scolding ticket or warning or anything. I think he realized that, in fact, my little 97 jeep wrangler 4 cylinder stands no chance of going 90 miles per hour.

In other news (and I mentioned it before) ...It's freaking hot outside!

Monday, August 06, 2007


I am really taking my time getting on the road today. Right now, I'm in Albuquerque. I'm heading to Oklahoma City today, and then tomorrow... I'll be done driving. That's exciting.

I'm sad... Astrocamp is spectacular...and now I'm not there. However, I am super excited to see everybody...

Summer was fun. I'm glad it's over...but it was fun. I'm excited because there are a ton of people that live in kentucky...sooo hopefully I'll get to hang out with them and such.

California is a lovely place. Now...I'm going to Owensboro, KY??? That doesn't make any sense.

So, I got to hang out with Kenda the last couple days. It's been fun. It's nice to hang out with someone you've known for a while rather than just a few months... Not that hanging out with those people you just met isn't's just that sometimes it's nice to talk about the past.

Tonight...I see Leisa.

Tomorrow...I SEE ANDY!

It's almost about time for the state fair. I'm excited...

Thom...are you going to be around Indy?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Today, I finished up my last classes with the dreaded climbing instructor here. That's spectacular. I didn't so much enjoy working with him. Not so much at all. In fact, I plan on never ever having to co teach with him again. I think that will have to be a factor in whether or not I come back next summer. Sad it has to be like that...I just can't stand working with him.

Also, I'm completly done with classes now, and on Friday I get to start driving back. Sweet.

I'm nervous about that too. I'll be living in Owensboro, KY. Eek.

I think it will be wonderful though. Well, at least I hope it will be.

So, yeah...

figured out I really love chocolate pudding. Who doesn't though? The kitchen claims kids don't like pudding...does that make any sense at all...Nope...

Kids like pudding...and that's that.

Do you like pudding?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


it makes me laugh...maybe you need to be asking someone else for what your wanting...because I owe you nothing... now go on...get a life now... there ya go...

so yeah, work... fun.

Some stuff we do while on the job...

have formal dinners with the kids...we have to be their servers...

a random picture from that...

what makes me laugh most is andrew's pink crocs in the background.

about two weeks...

and I'll be in the lovely OKY hanging with the lovely you...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

dang it...

Sorry that I'm so bad at updating this thing. I'm busy. It's been fun. Andy was out here for a good chunk of time and that was awesome. I think he's cool.

We did eat in and out 3 times while he was here, and I think I've had my share of in and out for the summer. Probably not just in and out, but burgers also. It was good though.

So, there's work drama too. The guy I have to spend the most time with (the climbing instructor) and I just don't get along. It sucks. I feel like I should be able to be at least civil with someone right? and work with them... Nope. Not this guy. So now, this next two week session is going to be all switched up. I won't have to work with him as much. This kind of sucks because that means I'm not going to be doing as many climbing classes. :(. Oh's better than putting up with his antics.

There's just those people in life you meet that you just completely clash with. He's got the personality type I clash with. That's sad.

Oh well, there's just 3 weeks left of summer...

That's exciting.

So what's going on with you?

Friday, June 29, 2007

2 weeks down...

Woo... I've got a free moment to actually sit down and see to my poor little neglected blog.

Week 2 of summer just finished up today. The kids left...and week 3 starts tomorrow... woo.

It's been pretty fun. I think Astrocamp is pretty cool. The summer schedule seems to be pretty lax, althought we don't really get a lot of full days off.

I'm excited because Andy is coming on thursday. He's cool.

I've been drinking a lot of wine lately. My idea of a good party is wine and cheese. That's tragic. It's spectacular at the same time. Last week, a small group of us ate alot of cheese...and drank a lot of wine. Nice.

There's a party going on here at camp tonight. I don't really have a huge desire to go. It's not a wine and cheese party.

Maybe I'm getting old.

So, it turns out my mom is moving. (yet again). She's moving to the same street the THE brian's parents live on. He doesn't live that far from there...he bought a house on a court that's off of that street. So, that's kind of funny...and kind of weird.

There was a kid at camp this week, and his last name was Fun. I thought that was awesome.

My Jeep finally has a back window. I was able to get it washed and it looks wonderful. PLUS I got the radio that was stolen forever ago replaced. NOW I have music. I love my jeep again. WOOHOO...

Yeah, this is just really a bunch of random ramblings huh? That's alright.

There's only 5 more weeks of camp left!

After that, I'll be heading to the OKY.


Asher, I'm still here!!!!

are you?

I miss some people back home.

Like you.

I miss you.

I love mac and cheese...Kraft mac and cheese though. I've been eating too much of it.

That's alright.

I love In and Out too... mmmmm....

ha. you can't have any in and out...



Saturday, June 16, 2007


I have been busy!!! Working...

Well, not really working...well it's considered work. I've been laughing about it all week. I've had to play on a waterslide, a slip and slide, a foam pit... I've had to rock climb...all kinds of crazy stuff.

It's been training week for summer. The kids just got here today. I have eight minutes free, so I figured I'd write something up on here.

It's gonna be a fun week.

I got my nose repierced. I'm pretty excited about that.

I love half price wine bottle night at Cafe Aroma

I got to have sushi last night...and it was lovely.

I watched Fantastic Four yesterday, and it was alright.

I finally got to climbing at a classic Idyllwild climbing spot... Suicide rock. It's the first time I've done a climb in Idyllwild that required a harness...that was pretty exciting.

Alright...more to come later...

Thursday, May 31, 2007

it's a nice break...

I really like this nice long break from work I'm getting. It's weird that I'm actually heading back next week. It's going to be a fun least that's what I'm thinking. I'm excited!!!

This past weekend...I got to go to the red. I got my butt kicked. Got to see people... like TUTEUR! that was spectacular.

This weekend, I'm going to West Virginia for a wedding. I'm sort of getting sick of riding in the car. I'm not used to that sort of thing anymore.

I think I'm going to be heading to Indy on Monday...that means more car rides...oh well. It's all better than August when I'll have to drive all the way from California. Yuck!

So, the Billy Graham foundation just built a 27 million dollar library to honor Billy Graham. I think there could be a better use for that money. 27 million dollars could go a long way.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Lost Secrets

So, great news!!! I have learned a new trick. So, you know how when you get gum on things...people say to freeze it? I've never been able to get that to work. Turns out...peanut butter is wonderful! Peanut butter gets gum right out.

Somehow, I have a pair of shorts...and I happened to get a good deal of gum on the butt. Must of sat in some or something... This happened sometime at I climbed all day with gum on my butt. I then forgot about the gum and washed the shorts...Damn it! Well, I did some googling...and read about this peanut butter thing... So, I put some peanut butter on my shorts...massaged it in...did some scraping...washed them...and the gum is all gone!!! I'm super excited because i love these shorts...

So, if you ever find yourself with a gum mess...use peanut butter...

woo...So, I hate cats...maybe I'd like them more if I could breathe when I'm around them...or if all my skin didn't break out when I'm near one... allergies are just ridiculous...

Friday, May 18, 2007

3 more days 3 more days 3 more days...

Hey Hey!!!!

so...I'm about to start my last hour and a half of this shift...and then I only have one teaching shift left...meaning I have to work 3 hours this afternoon...7.5 hours tomorrow...3 hours sunday...and then I'm done done done... for this season anyway. Then, I'll be out of Cali until June 7th... I'm super excited. Woohoo... Then, I'll be back here for the summer season...which should be super fun.

I'm pretty stinkin excited.

So, there's this guy here at camp...I'm not the biggest fan of I simply just don't talk to him... the other day...he asks me... "do me and you got beef?" see why I don't talk to him? ha...

and he's in the computer lab right now rocking out to Avril's Girlfriend song...ouch... This mean...I have to listen to it... again...see why I don't talk to him...

Honestly...this is horrible...

He's singing along...

Ok, I can't type anymore...I need to head hurts...oh god...have you actually ever listened to this song? it's horrible...

Maybe if 13 it's a good song...

look it up...punish your ears really quick...

Seriously??? a 26 year old guy????

I just couldn't contain it anymore...I had to bust out that it was the absolute worst song I've heard in my entire life. It's over now...I wonder what he's gonna play next...

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Teacher's Shadow

I told you I would update this...and look! I did...

I kind of like this random title's fun.

Let's get a anybody annoyed by the sound the of the alphabet game? Or is the sound on your computer turned off?

So yeah...the season is done for me next Monday. I'm pretty pumped. I will get about 3 weeks off before I have to be back out here...

summer camp should be terrific. I will get to climb bunches.

Speaking of new crash pad is here...I used it for the first time today...had to get it dirty...I didn't like it all clean...So Ben and I ran up to South Ridge really quick and played around. Good times...

Speaking of climbing again...Andy was out here this weekend for a few minutes. That made my otherwise VERY rough weekend great. PLUS I'll get to see him again in a week...sweet!

Wow, sorry this blog sucks ass. I think I say that a lot...but it's true.

Remember boulderfest?

well here's a's of me human bouldering... ;) but really it just looks like I'm trying to take down Andrew...

I wonder if I could take him down...

So...Catalina Island is up in flames...and the company I work for has several camps there...all the people from those camps are staying at Astrocamp right now...they had to be evacuated...a lot of them came here with nothing...hopefully they get to go home soon. The fire came really close to one of the camps...but didn't get hit...

There's all kinds of fires going on right now...crazy. L.A. got hit...Florida is being hit...

I'm gonna go now...

stay tuned...

I'm gonna update later...


Monday, May 07, 2007

The Hot Lights

Well, that's the random title for you from the random title generator... It has nothing to do with anything.

TWO WEEKS!!!! that's how much time is left before the end of season.

Yesterday, I went to this thing called Boulderfest... it was amazing. Basically, it was all the astrocamp people plus a few others. It was a competition...not just a climbing competition...but you got points for drinking, for sexual inuendos, for farting while climing (made me think of Tuteur)...and for other various games such as: Taco wrestling (you are wrapped in a crash pad and you have a helmet on and then you try to get your opponent down to the ground.) This is a dangerous game. I did not play, but people were hurt...not badly...but still hurt. Then there was human jump on someone's back and you try to make a complete orbit around that person without their help. Then there was the bench problem. You had to completly make it all the way underneath the bench and then back on top without ever touching the ground. I rocked that game. You could also get bonus points...I got some for having gum stuck on my butt. Of course, you got points for climbing too...oh yeah, and if you could slackline you could get points for that, and if you could get your shoe to land on this one rock, you got points for that. Amazing.

I won for the girls...sweet. I won a chalk bag and some chalk. Pretty much, I think I was the only girl that really climbed anything, so that did me good. I only had one I didn't get a lot of points for that.

I did get very cut up...which is always fun...and I got beat up by a tree...I have a big gash on my arm now. It was good times...


so enough of that...

The 500 festival mini-marathon was this past weekend, and I'm sad I wasn't home to run it...oh well...I am going to run a hellish half marathon in September in Bloomington. That shall be fun.

Wow, I'm lame.

That's cool though...

I saw a chipmunk today outside my window...I hate those things. Anybody share my same feelings? Once, at Joshua Tree, one ate my honey nut cheerios...chewed right through my plastic container and I couldn't do anything about it because I was belaying Andy...Couldn't very well take him off belay...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Windows in the Game

And that's the next randomly generated title.

So, there's this game...and it's kind of stupid...sort of addicting...but pretty fun... you have to se how fast you can type the alphabet...lame..right?

This is my high score: 3.595 seconds.

Can you beat that?

Try now! Then tell me how you did... ;)

P.S. let me know if my blog is giving you pop ups now or anything. I'll take it off...

I got to see Andy this past weekend...that's was nice. REALLY nice.

I'm sooo tired right now...I wish i could be napping...but I have to wait for a bus.

I watched a cheesy movie last night on the plane... Musics and Lyrics... it was cute...but cheesy. Sometimes you want a cheesy movie. I guess I want them a lot...

I can't believe this season is almost over...crazy...think I already said that somewhere...I still can't believe it...

then there's summer...then comes August...and I'm off for a bit!!!! it's gonna be nice...

Alright...peace out.

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Consort of the Snow

Asher...that title's for you...I found it on a random title generator web site. Is that better? :) It's not original in any way...this title is already in existence somewhere.

It did snow a lot here this past was crazy.

It allowed me the opportunity to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's. It was a delightful movie. I highly enjoyed it... It's nice to watch girly movies with the Hilltop boys...

I also went to a little barbeque earlier in the week. It was nice to hang with non-astro-peeps...I mean, I love my astro-peeps...but it was nice to get away.

Yesterday, a group of us went to Palm Springs. Palm Springs is only an hour away from here...just at the base of the mountain...meaning, it's way warmer down there. We just had a random day...we went to this coffee shop that had a little park in the back full of gay men and their little dogs. That was fun...there were a couple dogs that adopted us...funny stuff. There a lot of gay men in Palm Springs... it's lovely.

We also went to this shop and tasted wine...and ate cheese...spectacular...

Then we ate Thai food for dinner...

and then made a random stop at the Cheesecake factory on the way home...

I ate a lot.

and it was gooood...

Excited for this weekend...very very very excited...

nothing worth saying...

so goodbye...

Monday, April 16, 2007

so yeah...

yesterday, we got a decent little snow storm. It was enough of a storm to keep me snowed in on the mountain. I watched some movies at Hilltop. Yeah, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is HORRIBLE! It's way too long...and's just bad. I watched it all though. I always want to know how things end. (As if I couldn't figure it out on my's not predictable or anything...) Dang sappy movies. We also watched Failure to Launch...I liked that...still cheesy and sappy...and at the end of it I was going... Oh God Oh God...that was horrible...yep...still think I enjoyed. I guess it's sort of a guilty pleasure. I don't want to admit to actually being a girl and liking those movies.

The season is coming close to an end...there's only about a month and a half left in it. That's crazy! it went by sooo incredibly fast. I'll have a short break between the spring and summer season...then summer is really short...and by august...I'll be off till January. That will be nice. I could even go to school for the fall semester if I so choose... I probably won't though. In January...I'll come back here and start the cycle over again.

I'm bummed because my cousin was in Vegas this past weekend and I couldn't go see her. I had to work. I took a bit too much time off to go to Kentucky. It was well worth it though...

Not that my work is really work...I mean, it's tough and tiring...but in the end...I! is this really my job? No matter how much I complain about it, I don't really have anything to complain about. So what that I have to spend an afternoon playing games with kids? It's highly rewarding. I like it.

Alright, so since I have nothing all that interesting to say, why don't you go read a blog that actually is???

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

what an interesting trip...

I'm sad to be leaving. I can tell you that... Yeah, it was to see lots of people at the to eat miguel's to spend time with andy. I like him. I'm gonna miss him. Blah...damn cheesiness... I hate to bore you with that. I'll stop. Woo...

Now, it's time to go. I'm sort of excited to see my peeps in Cali. I miss the hilltop boys. I may sleep there tonight... :)

Not much else to say...

random thoughts...

*I am not a fan of drunk people. A guy spilled a beer in my lap the other day. I was not too pleased. Grrrr....made me smell like beer... maybe I should start getting drunk or something...then, I would understand this craziness that is being drunk. I'll hold off though...I know a lot of people are waiting for a rose gets drunk party...ha.

*I hurt my ankle. Don't worry...there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I promise. Well, that's what the doctor told me. it hurts though...he told me it was even perfectly fine to run on. Ask Andy, he saw me run...I'm not sure that's actually the case.

*I took my first lead fall.

*I miss the Red

*I wanna go climbing.

*I hate cats

*I want to get another that actually has meaning.

*I think I like both pirates and that bad?

*Pirates talk cool...and ninjas are just pretty sweet.

*is there a pirate ninja?

*yep...told you I had nothing to say...

*next update will be from the great state of California.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

here is the update you all have been waiting for!!!

I know everybody has been nervously checking every five minutes since my last post hoping that I made it where I was going safely. I know you were extra anxious to know whether or not I got my luggage.

Well, after a loooong day...I finally made it to Nashville, TN. Which, by the way is not where I originally planned on going.

However, of course, the flight to Nashville was not so smooth. We spent forever taking a joy ride in the plane on the ground at Chicago. Because of this, we didn't get out of Chicago in time to avoid the weather in Nashville. SO, guess what??? They diverted our plane. Guess where they diverted it???? Freaking INdianapolis... Yeah... THat's right. I was home...but so not home. I was stuck on the plane. I was a girl. I cried. A lot. If they would have let us off the pane... I would have taken my dad's car and driven on down to Kentucky.

I did make a new friend at the airport. He was going the same place I was and had the same dilemma. He ended up hitchhiking with us from the airport back to Kentucky. It was random. We had a mutual friend...

So, my luggage. Much to my surprise, I got my luggage back. IN fact...they were on it. I think it's because I told the guy I wasn't expecting my luggage back...and I was crying. I did that a lot that day. Damn girl.

Now, I'm safe and sound in Kentucky. eating marshmallows...drinking Ale 8...eating oatmeal cream pies...looking at some Patron...wearing my Miguel's Pizza shirt which I am super excited to have...oh...and hoping I get to eat some Mac and CHeese...from the blue box... maybe some Cinnamon Rolls!!!

OH!! and it's cold here. I'm stupid. I leave California to come to a not warm state. Dumb. dumb girl.


Just so ya know...

Thom...I don't think you suck...I'm glad that I heard from you though...hope life is treating you well. If you ever make it to SoCal...let me know...Hell, even NorCal...or WeNev (meaning Vegas). I just may be able to meet up with you for a second. We could call srini and tell him knock knock joys.
As for now, stay tuned for the next update. I PROMISE it won't be in five minutes. Maybe even not can check back if you want...look through some old posts...or reread this one 7 million times looking for hidden clues...

clues to what you wonder??? well I'm not gonna tell...use your imagination.

whoo...can you tell I just woke up?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

sitting in an airport....wasting time

Grrrr...really want to see andy...dang it...and all the other cool people I'm gonna get to see this week. is not on my side.

More to come on that I think.

In the meantime... this is what I do at work... I guess I talk...this flight was supposed to leave at 6:15...they boarded us...and then had us sit on the plane for THREE hours before it actually took off... connecting flight got canceled. They put me on another one...that one got canceled...then they told me they couldn't get me on another one till tomorrow morning...

Now, I'm going to a completely different airport.

I don't think my luggage is going to make it to me.

If it does...I'll be shocked...

I hope i make it...

Sunday, April 01, 2007

leaving on a jet plane...

wish it was today...and not tuesday.

oh well.

every single one of you suck. I asked for read...and then you didn't comment. Come on know that my self-worth comes from the comments people leave me. I mean, I did get some response, and it was in the form of myspace messages...what??? You know, you don't have to have an account to comment.

I just ate a whole bunch. We had a bbq here at camp. It was good...I'm just not so much looking forward to going to the beach tomorrow...

Which I am!!! It's gonna be fun...but still I wish it was tuesday... :(

So yeah, life is good...

I keep walking around with a silly grin on my face. I know why...but still I get pissed at myself. That's just how I am...crazy... I promise.

Well, not crazy...but definitly quirky. I like it that way. I wouldn't be the Rose you know and love otherwise.

Did I tell you I got a kick ass bike for cheap??? I think I did...but I thought I would tell you again. I keep riding it around in circles in the parking lot...I feel like a little kid of Christmas.'s funny. I'm not so good at trails though. I ran into a tree yesterday. I couldn't dodge it...damn manzanita...I just kept yelling explictatives when I lost the trail and was dodging trees...couldn't get pass this one though. I'm not the smartest girl in the world...I'll give you that...

Riding a bicycle is hard though...

hills are rough...and I need a helmet. did just eat way too much.

Really, I wonder if people actually read this... I mean I just looked at my blog...and it was at 20000 visitors...that's a lot. Of course, most of those were from this blog's hay day...not too many people read it these days. I'm ok with that...I mean...I really am...I'll still write...

as long as it doesn't get as lame as Asher's blog. Just kidding Asher...I love know that.

Well, at least I know Asher still reads the blog.

My dad randomly decided to retire...leave it to my dad to do that...he's a crazy kid. Would you expect any less???


Alright...I need to go now...hanging with the ever so cool ben tonight...

by the way...I'm in a good mood...

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Asher...I completely lied.

I didn't update my blog in three hours.

I actually lied about the second statement too.

I'm not excited about this weekend at all. It's next week. I'm gonna get to see soo many cool people. There a few that I'm particularly interested in seeing...especially one!

Asher, since you commented. I just wanted to say I missed you!!!!! :(. This summer, I'm gonna come up to Lafayette and see you. I promise. You rock my socks off. Nerd.

So yeah, I miss lots of people.

and I can't wait until next week!!!

So let's see...what to talk about...what to talk about.

The other day...I was talking to Andy from Kentucky...he was eating some A&W. He told me that and that reminded me of this little video that Tyanananananana introduced me to a long time ago...I may have posted it before...but here it is again. It makes me giggle.

alright...moving on.

It's sorta depressing that my blog is dead...and that I've got nothing to talk about.

I feel like there's tons to talk about, but then I never talk about any of it.

I mean, I spend my time doing pretty worthless lame things these days.

I love to play guitar hero and american idol... LAME!

see? I just hang at hilltop and work on diamonding that shit. That means I sing the songs perfectly... :) It's fun. should totally get it.

yep...I'm a loser.

The other day...I gut stuck in a blizzard... I promise. I had a class on the ropes course...and it decided to snow just during that time...for an hour and a half. I had to stand outside in one spot facing the wind in the snow. It was ridiculous. I had to belay all the kids...I'm pretty sure the belay wasn't that safe. I was soo hands felt like they couldn't grip. It was terrible. I stayed in one spot for so long that I had a mound of snow over my shoes. It was the first time my fingertips have ever turned white. My face was soo numb that my words just came out all funny. Strangely enough, I took a nap yesterday afternoon, woke up, went outside, and couldn't even tell that it had snowed 4 inches the day before. There was not a drop of snow anywhere. All the while it's warm as can be in indiana and kentucky. I'm sure that's gonna change for me as soon as I step foot off the plane. That's how my luck goes.

I'm getting a weird addiction to Little Debbies...

We're playing this game here at astrocamp mow called assassin. It's intense... I can't really talk about it much on my blog...because people may be spying... I don't want them to get any clues...ha. It's makes everybody paranoid don't want to die. It's crazy. I killed someone and it was super fun...

woo...OH!!!! I just got a mountain bike!!!! I wouldn't normally be so excited...but it's a $1200 trek mountain bike and I got it for $250. Astrocamp is selling off some of their old bikes to get new ones. They are nearly brand new. They only get ridden a little bit in the summer...I'm so excited to have a bike again. I'm even gonna get my dad one.

I think that's all for now...

friggin' comment...ok?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

i know you really want an update...

and i'll give you one after i'm done with this group in 3 hours...

so stay tuned.


I'm really really excited about who I get to see this weekend.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007


So, it turns out I unexpectedly have some time off this afternoon. Sweet. The only unsweet thing about it is I woke up from my nap to go tech, and then it turned out I didn't have to. I could have stayed asleep. Oh well. So now, I've got about an hour and a half off...then I have to work a bit...then I have the evening off nice.

I talked to my boss about the summer. I had already talked to him about possibly being here. Now, I may not be here. I told him if he needs me, I'll stay...but if he has a replacement...then I wouldn't mind having it off. There's a few instructors from this season that would like to be here in the summer, but there aren't any spots left. He wants me to be the assistant climbing instructor. I guess the climbing instructor is going to be a guy and he would like a girl working with him. That way, the kids will feel more comfortable. You know...the girls will have a girl...the boys will have a boy. There are no girls at this point that could take that spot. I hope he can find someone to replace me.

I would really like to have the summer off so I can climb my little heart out. Plus, there are certain people I would love to see. I was really thinking about taking the summer off, then I decided I wouldn't mind staying...but then new developments have me thinking I wouldn't mind a few months off to spend some time in good ole Kentucky!

I definitely be back in the fall. I love this place.

Wow, this is stuff I am sure nobody cares a bit about. That's alright.

It's update number two in two days. That's crazy.

How about some randomness

*I love Jello night.

*the 5.10 outlet is spectacular. I got some brand new climbing shoes for $10... Plus some kick ass retro shoes for $29. It was great. I shall go again.

*I wish I didn't have this stinkin cough.

*Idyllwild is a small town...which means there's not a lot to do. I spend a lot of time at Hilltop playing the American Idol game. That's lame. REALLY LAME.

*Looks like we may be getting another girl instructor. This means she may have to move into Pine. This means I may be getting a roommate. Damn it. Oh well...half the time I end up sleeping on the couch at Hilltop.

*I can't wait to go to Kentucky. I like that state a lot.

*well I'm gonna go now.

*comment now!


I think I'm doing slightly better updating this thing. That's good. I don't want to see this blog go. It has been around since December of 2004. That's a looong time. It definitly is not standing at its proudest moment, but that's alright. It will pull through. We will all pull through. Sigh...

So yeah, remember that Numa Numa song? The fat kid dancing to it? I posted it a looong time ago...


There's a link at the bottom.

Anyway...our building rockets classroom has a CD player, and that song is on one of the CDs. It amazes me that all the kids know it. However, they don't know the dance. I do. So take that. Ha. Anyway, the song is sort of stuck in my head. Weird.

That was an attempt for something interesting. Don't think it worked.

My blog is getting close to 20,000 visitors. That's kind of cool.

Well, I think that's all I really got. I'm such a boring person these days. I also have no clue what is going on in the world around me.

I mean, I forget I'm even in California until I see an L.A. times and then Arnold is on the front page. I mean, he's the governor. Weird.

I was at Burger King the other day. There was a poster for a burger. The slogan on it said "So beefy, it should run for governor." Of course! That's it! You want your leaders to beefy. That's the best way to be.

Crazy crazy.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

So yeah...

I'm still working right now. I was supposed to be off a couple hours ago, but there was a bus mix up. A school that was supposed to leave is still here.

Sort of pissed. Or maybe just disturbed. It happens that the school I was in charge of this time was a Muslim school. Their bus was here. However, it was the same company that screwed up the bus of the other school.

So, the school that is still here thought the Muslim's school bus was their's. Turns out that they didn't send a bus up for the other school.

The bus driver of the bus that was here for my school was a Hispanic lady, and the school that is waiting is an all Caucasian Catholic School.

So there, you've got your set up. The Muslim school was a perfectly nice school. The kids were good. The chaperones were nice. You could definitly notice some cultural differences, but that's to be expected. I learned to write my name in Arabic, and that's pretty cool.

So yeah, the Hispanic bus driver told a chaperone from the Catholic school that she would much rather trade and take their school down the mountain.

That disturbed me. Just because it was a heavily populated Arabic school doesn't mean a thing.

Reminded me of the movie crash.

I'm sure the bus driver herself has faced some discrimination. Not only for being Hispanic, but maybe even for holding a job such as being a bus driver.

There she goes and turns around and discriminates against the Muslims.


Enough about that.


The weather is sooo nice.


Wish I wasn' t sitting inside right now.

wish that bus would go on and get here.

Check this picture out:

This is of a cool problem at Joshua Tree called Gunsmoke. It's a 70 ft long traverse. I like it a lot.

Wish I was climbing it right now.

Monday, March 12, 2007

no no...

I'm not going to delete this blog. However, I'm not sure I can think of much things that are controversial that I really even want to talk about. I'll try to come up with something. Thing is, when it comes to politics or things like that...I'm not a conservative...but I'm not sure I'm quite a liberal...maybe just in between somewhere... or apathetic...

Who knows.

I went to the beach yesterday. It was spectacular! The weather is soo amazing! I love it. I wore shorts today...and yesterday at the beach...I actually got to wear my swim suit.


The day before that, I went to Joshua Tree yet again. I like it there a lot. What a cool place. I tore my fingertips to pieces.

Last week, I asked a kid what orbited around the earth, and he said the sun. It was kind of funny. Poor kid.

Today, I had a kid almost put his hand in a bowl of liquid nitrogen. Smart one. He was thinking hard.

Guess what? I think Rose gone and done got herself a boy. Confused? So am I...not sure how that one happened. It's a good thing though. We'll see how it goes. He's nice. It's really weird to actually be interested in someone. That hasn't happened in a loooong time. I'm for real guys. I'm mean...I'm not even being wishy washy. Yikes!

Daylight savings time...

The other day...the kids in my dorm woke me up at 5:50. I was so mad. I went and yelled at them...telled them to get back in their rooms because they still had an hour of quite time. A chaperone then let me know that it was 6:50. Oops. I felt bad. I was pretty mean to them.

Life's good.

I'm going to make this blog better again. I promise. Pinky promise.

Maybe I need to find a funny picture...or a funny video. I'll get on that!

You guys rock my world.

the speed of light is 186,000 miles per second. It's not just a good's the law. :)

word of the day:

it's just fun to say.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

i know...

it has been a while...

oh how i've neglected this blog. I'm sorry :(.

I hope you are still here!

Life is good.

There was a lot of snow last week.

I escaped though. I went down the mountain to Joshua Tree.

I had a friend come into town and go to Joshua Tree with me... a friend from Kentucky. I'm very glad he came to visit...good times...

wow...sorry...this still sucks.

Should I shut it down?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

waiting for my laundry to finish...

so you get a wonderful update on the thoughts that run through my head...sweet...right?

I don't know if I've said it already...but I love looking at Saturn through a telescope. It's so little. I mean...I know it's not little, but it looks little in the telescope.

The clouds rolled in just as I was walking my kids up to the telescopes area. It made me so sad. I couldn't show them a single thing through them. Bummed me out. I love talking about all the stuff up in the sky. One of my favorite things to look at is Messier Object #37...or an open cluster in Auriga. It's so cool to show to the kids....because when you use a laser pointer to point to it in the don't really see any stars where it is. When you look in the telescope...there are tons of stars. The kids then have a wow moment, and I love it.

This picture does it absolutely no justice.

In other news...well there's no real other news to tell...

I mean I probably could come up with something...but eh...

have a wonderful night...

are you still reading this?

Friday, February 09, 2007

i'm sorta delirious...

it's almost my bedtime. Lame I's only 11:30. Oh well.

I remembered I had a blog and I needed to update here goes.

I went to san diego the the other day. I got to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time. Yippee!!

The next day, I headed to Joshua Tree to CLIMB! That was awesome.

I'm not very smart though. There were all these trees Joshua Tree National Park. I was wondering what kind they were. DRRR... could they be Joshua Trees???

The Colts won the Super Bowl. I'm pretty excited about that. I missed home a little on Sunday. I wish I could have been celebrating in the streets.

The weather here has been awesome! Can't complain any about that. Although, Indiana is covered in snow and I do enjoy me a good snow storm every once in a while...

How's life for you folks?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

a few things...

*The Super Bowl is Sunday and the Colts are in it. That makes me super excited. I hope they win.

* There is a limitless supply of food here at Astrocamp. You will never be without a cookie. I need to stop eating so much...but I just can't help myself.

*My leg is messed up...and that makes me sad...I can't run because it hurts.

*I love the stars and I am willing to tell you a story anyday about the constellations in the sky. It makes me happy. You can see the stars here. I like that. It's like I have my own personal planetarium and it's the sky.

*My view on boys and relationships is way screwed up.

*I miss my Indiana peeps.

*I got married on facebook to Matt Rasure. It's great.

*I feel bad that I don't update this blog very much...but I don't have a lot of time.

*liquid nitrogen is fun to play with.

*and it's fun to blow up hydrogen balloons.

*are you guys still reading this?

*There's a static cling sticker of St. Therese in the middle of our t.v.

*Last night...Taylor (a guy that works here) scared the poo out of me. I mean really. I screamed so loud and dropped to the ground. for serious.

*I like climbing.

*I lose my keys...and my radio...a lot. I mean a lot!

*There's a kid here named Bojazi...could your name get much cooler?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I seriously thought I was going to die...

and that's why I don't off road... I just took my jeep up a ridiculous trail. I just wanted to see some boulders. I am not an experienced mountain driver. I am still shaking!!! Holy crap...

So, life here has been good. I've made it to Vegas...and yesterday I went to da OC. It's good times.

The people are nice. The kids are pretty cool...and I love science!

OH!!!! The Colts made the Superbowl...and that makes me super happy. Sucks that I'm not in Indiana. The people around here are definetly no way near as excited as I am.

It's such an odd world I live in now...

I miss you guys!!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007




I am sooo excited.

Stayed tuned for a bigger update tomorrow...

I promise.

Miss you guys!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

woo...finally a free second.

Wow. I have too much to update on. Sorry... I have been sort of lacking. It's because I really haven't had any time! Training was sort of brutal. LOOOONG. The kids arrive today. So, I sort of have some time. I'm a bit nervous! I'm jumping straight into teaching. EEEK!!! It should be good times though.

So, the trip here:

I drove across the country. The first day went really smooth. I drove all the way to Oklahoma City to stay the night with a friend. The next day, I found out that there was a snow storm in Albuquerque and that I-40 (the insterate I needed) was closed. I was trying to figure out what I was going to do and I figured I could stay in Oklahoma City an extra day if I needed to. The interstate was reopened and I decided that I could go ahead and head on down the road. I roll in to Texas, and there's a sign that says that I-40 was closed west of Amarillo. I was hoping it was just outdated. I got on the phone to find that fact it was closed...and it wouldn't reopen till morning. Sooo, my uncle found what I believe to be the last hotel room in Amarillo for me. I was stuck in Amarillo for New Year's Eve. There was a party there though, with a band and such...and it turns out that I met the right people and was able to spend New Year's Eve with new Amarillo friends. I woke up the next morning. I-40 had been opened back up. I go out to my car...and someone had slashed my back window. Nice. So, I rode all the way to California with a big hole in my window. It then took me nine hours to get to Albuquerque (Which is usually only a 4 hour drive). Kenda happened to be there, so I took a short nap before driving all night to Phoenix. Once I got to Phoenix, I took a nap at a friend of my mom's house before driving the rest of the trip. It was epic, but Idyllwild is beautiful!

There are rocks everywhere! The people are nice. It's sort of like being in college. I'm certified in CPR now. :). There are tons of cool stuff to play with. I'll probably talk more about that later.

I'll try to throw juicy stuff up on here. I now will have more time to update this!

So keep reading...k?

A fact I've learned...

You can fit 110 earths across the diameter of the sun.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

I'm still here.

I promise...I'm about to put something up that will tell you of all my adventures. However, training week is still going on and I'm crazy busy. AHHHH!!! Please let me know you are still there.