Friday, April 29, 2005

Can I get a ride?

The other night I went to see great scott. If it seems like I go and see them a lot, it's because I do. I seem to think that the bass player is pretty cool. Before I get to the real part of the story, let me tell you about the band that played after them. It was some band from L.A. or something, I don't remember their name. They were good though, and they had a GIRL as the bass player. She is my new hero. I think that made her super hot. I couldn't stop watching her. I was amazed. Ha... to the real part of this post...

As C. Brian was loading all of his stuff in his car, he got approached by a guy asking him to give him a ride home. The place he was wanting C. Brian to take him to was a few miles north and brian was going to need to go south. Now, C. Brian being the nice person he is actually considered doing this for the guy. Brian comes in and says he has a dilemma, this guy needs a ride, and he said something else....I forget what though. Soo..the guy who wants a ride looks at me and says "I'm a minister." I am thinking to myself "Great...really that doesn't mean way too much to me..." So then he says "here is my lisence" and he pulls out this certificate. It is a certicicate of ordination from the universal life church. For those of you who don't know, you can get ordained online by this church by going here. At this time, I am a bit worried about this guy. He wants something, and he tries to pull out the church card. It seems that a lot of people do that. They will be out there selling Jesus fish necklaces for "such and such church," or postcards...they will make you feel guilty for not buying one...It drives me nuts. Why don't they just sell the stuff and say "I NEED THE MONEY!" Stop this lying... Ok...back to the story...I pulled Brian aside and said "If you are going to take him home, you really need to have somebody with you, and I don't think I am the best one to take..." He says that he is just going to go tell the guy I am not comfortable with Brian taking him home. I then proceed to see if we can come up with cash to get a cab driver. Between about 6 of us, we had 5 bucks. The lead singer of great scott took the 5 dollars out to the guy to try and get him a cab. Brett asked the guy if he had any money and he said that he had a dollar in change. Brian had just seen another guy give him some cash. Well, long story short, the cab wouldn't take him for 5 dollars, and the guy was really mad. I guess he started saying things like "one day you will be in this position...and you will want people to help you.." I am all for helping people...but I am not a big fan of the people that mooch...

That reminds me of a time a couple months ago that I was at a gas station and this guy was trying to get money for some food. I didn't have any cash, but I told him I would buy him some food from the gas station. He asked me if I could go accross the street to some restraunt and get some hot wings for him. Is that really a time to be picky? I wanted to say "are you serious? you need food...I am offering it to you...and that isn't good enough for you? Forget it.." I didn't though..I got him chips, pizza, and a 2-liter. I wonder if he ever ate it or traded it for something..who knows... People like that bug me because there truly are people that are in need of things. Just go down to the White Castle downtown. You will see them. If you are ever in the mood to help somebody, or have some clothes to give away, those people will welcome you with open arms and will be truly grateful...

Ok..that is enough of my rant...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

random stuff

Alright, Hello!!!! How is everybody? Haven't talked in a while, and I am sorry. Since the last post, there is now a crazy love triangle between C. Brian, Asher and Avril Lavigne (isn't that great??). Also, C. Brian and Matt are going to fight over me...SWEET!! Ha. I don’t really have much to say, so I am just going to be random. Here it goes! I like this...

*My computer is in the shop, so I am over at my cousin's house writing this. Fun times.. we had pizza.

*The Mini-Marathon is less than 2 weeks away..yikes!

*The pacers beat Boston last night...thank goodness. We needed that win, especially after the horrible stomping they gave us on Saturday. That was embarrassing.

*I went and visited Asher this weekend. It was fun. We went to two different Fraternity parties. I felt cool to be on the list. Ha. Especially at the frat where five apples was playing. We were on the special handwritten list. Go us. By the way, Five Apples rules. Oh, and Asher has way too many "moral dilemmas" he wants to deal with. Get over it Asher..just have fun! Ha...

*On with my trip to Purdue. Apparently there is this thing called breakfast club. All the bars open in the morning and people dress up in costumes and go drink. That's weird to me. I wasn't there for that. Still, drinking for breakfast? Weird?

*Oh, I went straight to church after coming back from Lafayette. I had my clothes on from the night before. I think at some point in the night somebody spilled their beer on me. My hair smelled like beer, and every time I moved Tyana said she could smell it. Ha. The guy next to me probably thought I was an alcoholic. I can honestly say I have never have gone to church smelling like beer...well I guess there are firsts for everything!!! I wonder what would have happened if I went to the baptist church like that...

*K..I think that is all I am going to write about today...Oh..wait....maybe I should talk about standpipes. Eh..I don’t feel like looking them up..Maybe next time..sorry J.B.!

Sunday, April 24, 2005


Wouldn't it be much easier on everybody if we all just told the truth?

Friday, April 22, 2005

What if?

I think this is a question that gets asked way too much. What if? What if I do this and then they get mad? or What if I really shouldn't be dating this person? or What if I really should be dating this person? What if I never get married? What if I get hurt? On and on and on... Why do we always ask that? It brings more problems than good. Right now, I feel like my mind is in a constant state of What if? I hate it. I wish I just could have everything figured out. I don't. I don't think I ever will. I was reading the other day in Matthew, and in Matthew 6, my Bible had labeled a section "the cure for anxiety." I found it pretty fitting. One of the verses goes something like "Don't worry about tomorrow, today has enough troubles on its own." How true is that?

That is all these what if questions are. They are just worries about tomorrow. I am going to throw some more verses out there. In Romans 8:28 it says that all things work together for good to them that love the Lord.. Why can't we keep that in mind? That is actually a verse I tend to hate from time to time. When bad times are all around and somebody says all things will work together for good, I usually just want to give them a nice kick in the booty. I don't want to hear that. I want things to work out NOW!

I think we all want things to work out, and when they aren't going exactly as planned, we freak out and worry. I admit I am worried. My life seems to be at a pretty big turning point. I am going back to school. What if I can't afford to go? Brian T. and I have moved on....what if we shouldn't have? C. Brian is really cool...what is going to happen? What if I lose somebody close to me? What if? What if? Blah...

I guess I just need to remember that today has enough troubles on its I just need to take things day by day...

Thursday, April 21, 2005

the new pope.

I haven't said anything yet about the new pope, so I guess it is about time to do so. So just in case you were hiding out in your bomb shelter and hadn't heard the news...we have a new pope (Habemus Papam)! It is Joseph Ratzinger of Germany, now known as Benedict XVI. I have to admit that I am a little scared of what could happen to the Catholic church with a new pope in place. JP2 has been around longer than I have been alive, and he did many great things for the church. I defiantly don't think that the church become any less conservative with this guy. He seems to be the most conservative of them all. That said, I am sure they still are not going to be open to homosexuality, woman priests, or birth control. That is fine with me. I don't have a problem at all with them keeping those standards in place. Actually, I think that it is a good thing not to lessen your standards. What I am worried about is this: Pope Benedict XVI said that a main goal for him will be to help bring about Christian unity. That spikes my interest. I am all over this Christian unity thing. Ephesians 4:1-5 is great. My question is how is he going to go about that? Is his idea of Christian unity going to be to convert all Christians to Catholicism? Because he is so conservative, it seems to me that his mindset would be like this. I know that in past years, there has been some progression towards ecumenical things. Still, there are things that are ecumenical and things that are exclusively Catholic. It will be hard to bring about Christian unity when you are unwilling to accept people of other faiths. Maybe he will be very accepting. I highly doubt it because it may send half of the Catholic church into a tizzy. We will see. I would love to see a movement towards unity. I am scared that we will go in the other direction though. I know that there are more Catholics than any other Christian denomination in the world. I guess from their standpoint they think they have the fullness of the truth and the other denominations should come to them. I wonder how they go about trying to bring around unity when Catholics think they are completely right and Baptists think they are completely right and Lutherans think they are exactly right...we will see.

This is what I think: I think that the way to bring about Christian unity is not to necessarily have to agree on every single doctrine but to understand that we are all Christians and all part of the church. We need to understand that although our thought processes may be a little different, there is still much good that can be done by working together. We need to look past those differences. When we look at other Christians we need to see Christ, not petty differences. I know to some, the differences are a big deal, but still we should be working together to bring other people to Christ, not to our specific denomination.

That said, I pray for the new pope and I hope that he can bring much good to the Catholic church, but more importantly, I hope he can bring much good to the catholic church.

Disclaimer: Almost every one of my posts are done with little research, so if you have something to add or something to correct me on, please do so. Most of these are just my random thoughts flowing from my head.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Goodbye to Reggie....

Tonight is the night. April 20, 2005. This is Reggie Miller's final regular season game. Conseco Fieldhouse is going to be crazy tonight. I am glad I get to be there for it. I must say that I am VERY sad to see him go. He has been awesome this year! I remember last year I really wanted him to retire. His playing was ok...but you could tell he was definitely past his prime. He has been playing since 1987. I wanted them to when that championship so badly so he could just retire. Unfortunately, Detroit was a tough team to beat. They went all the way. Because Indiana didn't win, I wanted to Reggie to stay one more year. It seemed like it would be possible for us to get a championship this year. Then that unfortunate fight happened and totally changed the outcome of the whole entire season. I still would love to see them walk away with a championship this year, but I highly doubt that they can do it. Maybe they can do it. Maybe we will have this huge Cinderella story. We are's possible. All I know is I will be at every home playoff game they have...I would love to be sitting there at the finals. Ok..back to the Detroit fight... I think that the fight really forced Reggie to step back up to the plate. Reggie has been playing like he was 10 years younger! It has been absolutely amazing. The crowd has gotten back into the swing of chanting "REGGIE! REGGIE!" I love that. I am sure he does too. That night he scored 39 points just proved even more that he was an amazing basketball player. How many 39 year olds can do that? I wish he could get that championship...He has stayed with the Pacers 18 years... That's a long time.

Not only is his playing awesome, but he has been a sort of father figure to the younger players on the team. He loves that team so much. He feels that they can go on without him. He brings a sort of glue to the team, and it will be kind of scary to see it without him. I wish he would stay just one more more shot at the championship. I am sure he is tired... but he could sit on the bench all year! It is true that he is retiring at a great time. He leaves still looking his best!

Memory: If you would have asked me who my favorite basketball player was when I was in fifth grade...I would have said Number 31...Reggie Miller! I didn’t know anybody else. I also had a sort of crush on him...Ha. I think he was a bit old for me...

Here are just a couple fun facts he leaves us with:

Reggie is the all time leading 3 point shooter.
Reggie is ranked 12th on the all time leading scorer list.

Words from Reggie:
"I believe it's time for these guys to take the next step, and I know they can without me."

Words from Carlisle:
To say that I have coached Reggie Miller would be inaccurate. I have had the best fortune to be the head coach of the Pacers during Reggie Miller’s final two years as a player. As an NBA coach, having veteran players is invaluable, having Reggie Miller has been priceless. “It is irrefutable that Reggie’s achievements in this league have provided the Pacers and the NBA with some of its greatest moments. His career has been filled with heroics that have thrilled Pacers’ fans and garnered the reluctant respect of fans around the league. His game-winning highlights are for the ages, but represent a very small part of Reggie’s contributions. “His longevity is not only a tribute to his talent but to his unyielding commitment. No shooting guard in the history of our league has or ever will play at Reggie’s consistently high level for a period approaching two decades. He has been meticulous in his approach to being an athlete and dedicated to doing whatever benefits the team. “He has spent his entire career in one city which, like Reggie himself, is a rarity. He is not from Indiana but is adored like a native son. Not surprisingly, the person he is off the court transcends even his on-court achievements. His example challenges us to be better. He has made Indianapolis and Indiana a better place. Knowing him has enriched our lives. “I would never say that I ‘coached’ Reggie Miller, but it has been my distinct privilege to work with him.”

K...that's all I have to say about Reggie.

Any thoughts on his retirement?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

take that.

You Are As Cool As They Come

(You are more dramatic than 20% of the population.)

Rational and relaxed, no one could accuse you of being dramatic.

You roll with the punches, and nothing ever gets you too worked up.

You are able to maintain perspective and see the big picture.

And even if you're emotional inside, you don't let it show.

You're great at keeping it together, and you're rewarded for that.

People see you as an ideal friend, employee, and partner.

I didn't think I was dramatic...I was just checking...Glad the quiz has set us all straight :)>

Monday, April 18, 2005

ass tapping

This post is dedicated to my friend Wertzy . He had the funniest post. He does this this thing where he calls himself the A-guy and answers questions. He did a great post. It is probably one of the most extensive posts I have ever seen. It is quite humorous and I highly recommend reading it and clicking on all the links throughout. You can find the post here. The best part of the post was the part about ass tapping. It mad me laugh so hard. He even gave

A-Guy's Guide for Tapping That Ass

Check it truly is amazing.

It is great. He rocks my world. He does the best things. Actually, I think that a couple posts have been dedicated to him. Let me check. Wait...
here is one and here is another one.

Check out his blog for some other cool videos. You can link from that blog to another blog he has with videos. So that's what those straws were for....

Since this post is dedicated to him...I guess I am going to give the inside info on Nick. Here are a few highlights I remember...

Meeting him: Freshman year of high school...I found out he had his license. (he was a sophomore) I said "Do you want to be my best friend?" He said "How?" I said "give me a ride home from school" He took me to and from school everyday.

Spring break: He brought me back bath beads from Florida. He thought they were candy.

Camero: He drove a camero. We almost got in a wreck once on the way to Shoneys.

notes: We would write each other notes everyday. He is the only person that I ever exchanged notes with. He would call me giggle fish...and for a short stint, I think I called him Twinkie...ha.

Little rich kid: He came to church with me once...this girl kept calling him "little rich kid" it was funny.

Last day of school: He left me at school to go throw water balloons at people. I was so mad at him. I didn't talk to him for a long time.

All that from one semester freshman year of high school 8 years ago... and some how we are still in touch. We have fun. We can go long periods of time without seeing each other and still just go back to good old times.

This is the end of the post dedicated to Nick. READ HIS

*I love Cow Palace*

Sunday, April 17, 2005

real post.

I know it's been a while. I really haven't had much to say. I have been doing a lot of thinking though. Something that has been on my mind a lot lately is relationships, (romantic or otherwise). Not just relationships, but my relationships with people. I have never ever been someone to build up close friendships. I have never had a friend that I would share deep secrets with. I just didn't like that. I don't know where it stemmed from. A lot of times I like to say it is because my family life was a bit bad or because we moved so many times and I had to make new friends constantly. I am not sure that this is the case, but it is a great excuse. My dad used to tell me that when I was a baby, I did not like to be held. The only time that I would not push away was when I was sick. Then I would be super cuddly. I guess that has never really changed. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE to cuddle, but when it comes to hugs, I nearly freeze up when people hug me. When I went to Cumberland, the place was all hugs, so I kind of got a bit better at it. Now why wouldn't I want to hug people? Even close friends? I have no freakin clue... The other night, I went out to eat with Josh and Tyannanana. I took Catholic Brian a long. It was the first time they got to meet him. When we left, Brian gave Tyana a hug. I then thought to myself...he doesn't even know her and hugged her, and I never have. She would be someone I would consider a close friend. I don't know. Even more than the hugging, I like to keep my self distant from people. I am a huge people person and have tons of people I can call up to hang out with, I just keep people distant in an emotional sense. I don't really let people know what I am thinking or feeling really. I like keeps you safe. Nobody knows your problems. The issue gets bigger...this even gets in the way when it comes to relationships with guys. I was what I would call a three week girl. Most guys don't ever make it past the three week mark. I am constantly searching for something wrong with them, and after three weeks I seem to find the problem. During freshman, sophmore year of college, the issue used to be that they were not Brian (triv-daddy) ...I am passed that. Still, I look for things. Brian (T) is the only one I have ever let myself get close to. I think it is because we had a decent friendship before hand. I am glad that I still would be able to talk to Brian about anything. K..moving on... wow this post is a huge look in my mind most people never get. on to what I have been thinking about. Like I said, it is relationships (romantic or otherwise). I had a great conversation with C. Brian about this the other night. It was a kind of odd conversation, but we are good at that. We were talking about love. What is love? (baby don't hurt me..) ok..sorry about that :) . No seriously... I think I have huge huge issues with it. I don't know why. I think this why I push guys away like crazy. I don't want to get close. I don't want to be hurt. I am very very cautious when it comes to dating people...and I really like to be able to build a friendship first. I think that is important. I am glad that I just don't think I fall in love all the time because that could be a little emotionally taxing. Wow, I really have no clue where this post is going. I guess I am saying I wish I could love. I mean really love...put myself out vunerable... It could be a rewarding experience. People would be super surprised I believe. Man..if i just went up to Tyana and gave her a super big hug..I don't know if she would know what to do. Ha..maybe I will do an experiment. If I went up to a friend and just started bearing my soul and know actually looking for a shoulder to cry on..or even let someone use me without freezing could get crazy. Anyway...that is about all I have to say..I don't really have a way to resolve the problem. I guess just keep working on it...maybe let my guard down a bit. In some cases I have...people like C. Brian have seen me cry way too freakin much..I don't know what my deal is. Must be the onions :) Maybe I will write more on this later...I am interested in seeing your comments. Everybody can be my psychologist or something...


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

the newest greatest thing

this is an audio post - click to play

I was bored..I have been sick all listen to my new audio post..I am sure it is enlightning is where you can do all this for those who have a blogspot blog!


Sorry everybody! I know it has been a few days. I really haven't been too motivated to write anything. Today I am so sick, so I have nothing else really to do! One quick anybody having trouble with my side bar being in the wrong place? Because I am!

So here is some good news...wisconscin wants to legalize cat hunting. Now I don't like cats at all, but that kind of sounds like a weird thing. I guess the cats kill birds every year. I wonder if that will become a favorite passtime... "Hey son! do you want to go cat hunting today?" or "I caught one, it was this big!" All the while, Tyana is sitting at home going "where is pumpkin?" Will people have to worry about their cats? This is what a lot of people are protesting about. You can find the story here:

hunting cats.

I guess it will be hunting for wild cats..but what about cats that don't have collars but are still quite domestic? I guess owners will be more careful to put collars on their cats. PETA is probably having a fit!

I will now leave you with this picture:

Friday, April 08, 2005

that took a while

I tried to post this yesterday, but I typed it all, and then submitted it and then lost it. At least I had written it in Word so I didn't have to write it twice. I then could not even get into or the post comments part of my blog. It was a bit frustrating. I asked Tyana if she could get to it, and she could, so I pinged it, and it replied. I then tried to get to blogger by just using the ip address. That didn't work either. I had no clue what was going on and then Matt said he could get to it too. I could get to, and they had something on there saying if you are having trouble getting to, delete your cookies and try again, so here I am!! Lucky you! I wonder what kind of cookie could cause you not to be able to load a page? Any thoughts computer guys??

Now here was my real post:

I got a couple new books I am going to begin to read by Brian Mclaren. One is The Story We Find Ourselves in and the other is A Generous Orthodoxy. I haven't started reading them yet, but I found the words inside the front of cover of A Generous Orthodoxy to be rather interesting. It was taken from the introduction. I am going to post them below for your reading enjoyment. I would like to hear your thoughts on it. It kind of reminded me a lot of a conversation C. Brian and I had the other night.

To be a Christian in the generous, orthodox way is not to claim to have the truth captured, stuffed, and mounted on. It is, rather, to live and grow in a loving community of people who are seeking the truth on the road of mission, and who have been launched on the quest by Jesus, who, with us, guides us still. Do we have it--have we taken hold of it? Not fully, not yet, of course not. But we keep seeking. We're finding enough to keep us going. But we're not finished. That, to me, is orthodoxy--a way of seeing and seeking, a way of living, a way of thinking and loving and learning that helps what we believe become more true over time, more resonant with the infinite glory that is God.

I love this man. He really knows how to say things. I think I was telling Brian the other night that I don't think that anybody has it completely right. He couldn't disagree with me more. Maybe this book will be interesting. Sorry Adam, I think I am going to read it, much against your recommendation :).

*One more thing:
Buca di Beppo is taking the Pope John Paul II's head off of the pope table. That makes me sad. I always wanted to sit at that table, and one day I planned on actually doing it. Oh well. They are afraid that it could offend some people, so they are going to replace with another recognizable pope from history. My question is who will that be? I guess just put any head in there with the funny hat. People will know that it is a pope.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I am too tired to post anything...will write more tomorrow..I promise.

For now, just answer this question for me:

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?

Have a great night!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

da whistle go wooo!

I promised a few individuals that I would post this video on my blog. It is absolutely amazing. Make sure you watch it all the way to the end and notice when Bubrub takes off in his car.

Here it is: here it is (spyware free because it is hosted on IUPUI's site!)

Also, for all those kids of the 80's/early 90's that remember playing Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego and Oregon Trail...I have just the site for you! Now you can play anytime you want. I played a game of oregon trail. In my game, tyana died (she had a broken leg), Kristin got typhoid (she survived though) and I ran into a rock while I was floating down the river and Brian drowned. I made it through to the end of the game though, so go me!!!

Carmen Sandiego

Oregon Trail

Have at it kids! The days when we got to play these games while at school were the days when school was awesome. What has happened???

Since I am on the kick of childhood nostalgia and I am basically just doing a filler is some more 80's crap. I promise this list will be over soon.

31. Barbie and the Rockers was your favorite band.
32. You thought She-Ra (Princess of Power!) and He-Man should hook up.
33. You thought your childhood friends would ne leave because you exchanged handmade friendship bracelets.
34. You ever owned a pair of Jelly-Shoes. (and like #24, probably in neon colors, too.)
35. After you saw Pee-Wee's Big Adventure you kept saying "I know you are, but what am I ?" 36. You remember "I've fallen and I can't get up"
37. You remember going to the skating rink before there were in-line skates.
38. You ever got seriously injured on a Slip and Slide.
39. You have ever played with a Skip-It.
40. You had or attended a birthday party at> McDonalds. (does anybody remember the train at the greenwood mcdonalds?)
41. You've gone through this nodding your head in agreement.

*I definately nodded in agreement...Oh how childhood was fun...Lets go back. I want to hear a good childhood memory from each of you.

I will start. When i was in preschool, I got my first pair of scissors. I decided I wanted to cut my doll's hair, and my mom said "no! Her hair won't grow back like yours will!" So I in my 4 year old mind think "OK I will just cut my own hair." I went into my bedroom and proceded to cut the top part of my hair off. My mom caught me and was horrified. She took me to get it fixed. Keep in mind this is dead in the middle of the 80's and mullets were cool. You guessed it, to "fix" the mess I made, they just evened everything out and let me keep the mullet I so proudly gave myself. Maybe one day I will scan in a picture of that awfulness. Yes friends! I had a mullet at one stage of my life!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

the pope

I was reading through some Cumberland College people's Xanga sites. One girl had a particular entry about the pope. If you haven't heard by now, which I am sure you have since it is all over the new. Pope John Paul II has died at the age of 84. The girl's entry simply said:

I wonder where the pope will spend eternity.

Now this girl is not somebody who wonders even if there is a heaven. She believes there is a heaven. I don't personally know her, but I think she is really involved in the ministries at Cumberland and very nice. The statement made me remember a chapter in A New Kind of Christian entitled something like "It's not our business who goes to heaven." I would hope, however, that the largest part of the Christian church would have an actual CHRISTIAN as his leader. I think his life shows that he is a follower of Christ. Why oh why would people even wonder about this? If the pope himself is not going to heaven, then I am absolutely screwed. I remember somebody at a baptist church I once went to when I was growing up talking about Mother Theresa. They said "you know, she did all that good stuff, but she still may not be going to heaven." I agree that good works can not get you to heaven, but holy crap! It is great she did all that good stuff. I am also pretty sure that Mother Theresa is in heaven. She had great faith. Everything she did, she did for God. Then again, it's not my business who goes to heaven. Our job as Christians is not to make sure we get people into heaven (although that is a nice benefit.) Our job as Christians is to show people Christ. Ok, enough of that, I really don't know if this post is making sense at all. I just really hope in the next bit of time I don't hear people debating whether or not the pope is in heaven. My sympathy does go out to all people in the world who are mourning at this time. I am glad that John Paul II is done suffering. I pray that the Catholic church will put in place an amazing leader that strives for Christian unity.

Another Cumberland guy's Xanga had an interesting entry on this.

On a side note...

I turned on fox because a friend I had from Cumberland is singing the national anthem, and it's raining so they postponed it :(. I hope the race starts before I leave so I can hear her. Go Chrystal!!!!

I end with this that I ripped from Matt's site (I know he is already dead, but I like this).

The Lord be with you.

And also with you.

Lift up your hearts.

We lift them unto the Lord.

Let us give thanks to the Lord our God.

It is right to give our thanks and praise!

We commend to you, O Lord! the soul of this your servant John Paul II, and beseech you, O Jesus Christ, Redeemer of the world, that, as in your love for him, you became man, so now you would grant to admit him into the number of the blessed.
May all the Saints and Elect of God, who, on earth, suffered for the sake of Christ, intercede for him; so that, when freed from the prison of his body, he may be admitted into the kingdom of heaven: through the merits of our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit, world without end. † Amen.
May the blessing of God Almighty the Father, Son and Holy Spirit descend on you and remain with you always. †


Friday, April 01, 2005

new post

At the request of Sarah, I am posting a new post. I am at work now, so I don't really have time to say anything. So here you go..I am sure this will generate some kind of discussion. Ha. I will write more later.