Friday, February 24, 2006

so very random yet so very good...

Who would have even guessed????

My blog is going to make me some money (and not because of google ads)

So because of this blog...I was able to get some sidework. So very cool. So very weird. It's awesome. I get to play around with stuff I like AND get paid.

Are you confused yet? Well...someome commented a couple posts back about the sand picture at the top of the page. Asked me if I was a design student because they may need some design work done in the future. I told them that I was not a design student. In fact, I am a math student.

That let to some other talks, and they gave me some tasks to do. We agreed on price...and we went from there. Now that's cool.

I am pretty excited. It's for this new company that will be launching really soon. They are in "stealth" mode right I can't tell you anything about them. I can tell you that they are called Ookles. You can check out the web page (although it really won't tell you anything) at


Monday, February 20, 2006

Do it...

Hey look at on a few things...I'm interested in your thoughts...

So I found out how my roommate set her chopstick on fire...she stuck the WOODEN chopstick into the flame of a burning candle. She said it lit up pretty fast. Crazy girl.

Looks like nobody (but a math nerd) was interested in the prime numbers thing. I am hurt. HURT! ok...not really but whatever.

I was driving to school today...and this car was driving on the wrong side of the road. Completely. It was a bit weird. I am not sure how they got on the wrong side of the road. People are crazy. It's not like it was even a one way...there were choices...

I showed Nathan childhood pictures of me. He thinks I was an ugly child. I I had terrible hair and terrible clothes...but that wasn't my choice! My parents did that. You have to look at my face. So...I think I am going to scan some pictures in and post them here. I don't want to be an ugly child. Oh's in the past now...huh?

Now don't go thinking Nathan is a huge jerk...because he's not. He was just stating his opinion. He's really awesome. I mean...he puts up with me...and I can be pretty mean.

Here are some things Nathan has endured:
*Me being stuck on the Scheidler for a while in the beginning...
*Me running out of gas
*All of the verbal abuse I subject him to. (I call him an asshole from time to time)
*I have hit him a couple times...I mean not hard...but I have
*my stubborness
*I extreme lack of organization...when he is completely organized
*my forgetfulness
*my inability to see someone else's perspective
*my selfishness
*me watching sex and the city and forcing him to watch it
*me forcing him to run in 8 degree weather...
*running a mini-marathon with me...instead of going to the Colt's playoffs game...
*I could keep going...but it is sort of depressing...I mean I sound like a terrible person.

Would you put up with that???


yeah...that's all for now.

Friday, February 17, 2006

what the hell????

Warning: this post is rated R for use of language.

A text message I received on my phone today:

Fucken neva call my husband agin ugly whore cos u dont wanna fuck with me.


WTF????? This message was sent to me by an old friend of mine's girlfriend named Rose. Weird...I know...her name is Rose. Well...I am sort of baffled. I have never experienced any kind of drama like this in my life. I mean seriously...I didn't know girls like this exsisted. Wow. Actually...she had done this once before and my friend had called and apologized for her. Thing is...I have met her before. SHe was nice to me then. Is she that mad that my name is Rose. Anyway...the way this started is that she called me...from Derrick's phone. I was sort of excited because I hadn't talked to Derrick in so long. She then proceeded to call me all kinds of name...and I am thinking...ummm...I haven't talked to your boyfriend in months. MONTHS! She told me I was an ugly bitch and told me I needed plastic surgery. What? I think I am a cute girl. Good thing my self esteem is ok...I could be rolling on the floor crying right now. I sort of want the conversation to continue with her...just because it's something I have never experienced. Have any of you??? I mean she seriously could be crazy and come after me. I am a wimp so she would beat the poo out of me. Will you guys back me up??? HaHa. I don't That's about all I can say. I can't believe that a guy would let a girl treat him like that. If a guy ever tried to pull that stuff on me....I would say hellz no. HELL to the NO! Well this is getting I just wanted to have you guys share in some of the drama. It's all funny to me...funny funny...girls are stupid.

Random math thought:

Well this is elementary math...but still...I tutor a 7th grader...and we were talking about prime numbers. I asked her what the first prime number was...she said 1... It's not a prime number...NOPE! Did you guys ever play number munchers? was a pretty sweet game. If you eat the die. Any guesses on why 1 is not a prime number??? To be continued...ha.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

some ponderings...

Man...I have really changed the last few years. I went from being a crazy Baptist girl who was sort of whatever I am now...A pretend Catholic...weird...I remember I was at Applebee's with Josh and Tyana in the bar area when people from my old church came in. They saw me drinking. It was sort of a freeing experience. I mean, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being a crazy Baptist. It's just not for me. I'm not quite sure what's right for me. I love mass...but I have some hang ups on actually becoming Catholic. I still don't think I can say that the Catholic church is the one true church. Plus...I may be a bit too liberal for them...who knows. I had a priest ask me on Sunday if I was still becoming Catholic. It was sort of funny. But anyway...back to how I have changed...I used to be hardcore into the Christian music scene. Now...not so much. I will turn it to KLOVE every once in a while just for a good jam out session that will annoy anybody around me. I was against tattoos...after all the Bible says not to get one. Now I have two. I thought people with nose and eyebrow piercings were not so much. (obviously). I was crazy into Bible Quiz...actually I probably still would be because I like that stuff. What else? I was at church Sunday morning, evening and wednesday nights...and I thought if I wasn't was bad. I had the perfect Christian girl front on. I didn't cuss. People at Chuck E. Cheese used to try to get me to cuss. Now I do...see: SHIT! I was sure I would never ever drink alcohol in my life. Now...I drink. Not heavily but I still do...and I like it. I love going to the bars...I love guys have seen my dance video. Some of you would be very surprised by me if you would have met me a few years ago... haha...and the thing is...I am very comfortable with where I am. That is very suprising to me. I still don't know where I am going...except for not back to my old crazy conservative Baptist ways...but I am happy with where I am now...I mean come on...where would I be if I couldn't drink my kick ass tequilla?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I love this show...

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She is my favorite character too... Who are you??

Monday, February 13, 2006

At the urging of Tyana...

Tyana is going through blog withdrawal. I think that all of her blog friends are neglecting to update on a regular basis... me being one of them. Sorry Tyana! It's been a week. A whole week! That does not happen often. Sorry...I'll try not to let it happen again.

A few interesting things...

*The Pacers went on a 4 game winning streak...only to have it broken by the Spurs. It was a close game I am not too sad.

*I went to Buca di Beppo on Friday and sat at the Pope table. It was for Lynsey's birthday. It was fun. The pope head was a bit creepy...but it made ita ll the more fun.

*We then went line dancing. All I know is the electric slide. That didn't stop me and Lynsey from showing our moves. We rocked! Well...not really. Funny thing...I was eating some ice and I went out to do a line dance....I accidently dropped my piece of ice on the floor...After we are done...there is a couple out doing some two-stepping or something...and all of the sudden...the woman is on the see them looking at the floor...and then someone came over with a towel. Apparantly...she had slipped on my ice cube...sweetness.

*My roommate accidently caught a chopstick on fire... I don't know how she did it yet...but let's invent a story! How do you think she did it???

Monday, February 06, 2006

The Superbowl...'s over. I was walking around Broadripple yesterday thinking about how different the day would have been if it would have been our Colt's in the Superbowl. The Steelers won. The only good thing that came out of that was that I won 30 dollars. No, I didn't bet that they would win... I wanted Seattle to win. It was some random betting game, and two of the quarters fell in my favor... Sweet.

I really liked the magic fridge made me laugh. Any other good ones you liked????

On thursday...I got to see precious TYANananananana....It was great. Haven't seen her since she moved. I miss her :(.

On Friday...One of my friends from Cumberland came in. It has been forever since I had seen her also. I had good times. Got to eat some good food at the Cheesecake factory...mmmm.

We checked out Jermaine O' Neal's new club, Seven. Now, I was not crazy excited about going because I am not crazy excited about Jermaine, but I enjoyed. It's also the perfect place for Pacer groupies. There were numerous Pacer sightings that night...It's the first time that I saw number 44 up close. Kind of cool.

Speaking of the pacers...We snapped the losing streak with two big wins! One against the Lakers and one against Detroit. I wonder if we will keep this up?????

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


what up folks??? Pacer game again tonight...hopefully we can break this horrid losing streak.

I am waiting around to go to the Pacer game. I wanted to go running but I brought my running shoes and no running clothes. STUPID ME!

Ever hear of Rachel Ray? On the food network? She's pretty cool, and she has some pretty awesome cookbooks out. They are all "30 minute meals" well at least that is what it says. It doesn't really take 30 minutes, but they are all pretty good (well, I have only tried 5, and 4 of them were good) The other one may be good if you like ricotta cheese...I mean REALLY like.

The Notebook. I watched it last night. It's pretty sappy. I makes you be sappy and ask sappy questions and wish for sappy stuff. It may be an overall death trap for guys. Guys don't like those kind of movies. It makes their girls sappy. They may say they like it because then the girl will be all "OH....that is sooo sweet..." then, she will immediately equate him with being like Noah and fall madly in love. Well, maybe not, but maybe don't know.

I'm probably making little to no sense. My head is swimming from classes all day.

It was good times...great times...

Anything new with all of you? Tell me a good story