Wednesday, December 28, 2005

one year old....part 2

It's Christmas time...nobody is reading the blog...I hope people come back.

So...I was doing a year recap because my blog just had it's 1 year birthday...yes there was cake.

I am now up to can tell this is when my blog got boring...nothing great happened in June.

Now July....

Well.... Still nothing....


Well the blog isn't quite that interesting....but my life was a bit...

Matt came to visit...I had a birthday...I met some cool people...Brian went to Germany...came back and decided to date the lead singer of the Christian band he was in...I then turned into an absolute mess...until I realized I needed to snap out of it...because he certainly did treat me like poo.


well Asher wrote about me on his was pretty funny... I guess I will repost was funny I thought...

Dangit. Nothing's been going right since Rose left for class. I meant to ask her where the link was to her dancing so I could link all yall's who stop by to it. Then I wouldn't update my page for like a month; that way I could make sure everyone saw it. It's pretty funny. Cute, funny... and definitely random as hell. Then I would collect a survey to see who thought what of it. Anyway, now that's not gonna happen cause I needed to tend to this column, now the column is fruokerd w/ the fraction collector being broken, I don't have time to hang around and do it myself... unless I come back at like 11 tonight but I'll probably be really tired and won't want to, and Rose left when I went to tend to the column. Screw this, I'm going home. I've got better things to do.

Rose is thinking about moving away, and this makes me sad. She's not going to anytime soon to my knowledge, but still the thought of it is upsetting for several reasons. Let's take a moment to reflect on the wonderment that is Rose.

She likes sweet corn on the cob. Look at the excitement in those eyes. Oh yea, she likes sepia pictures too. This was on Rose's birthday when we all went to the state fair and watched the cloggers and had beef on a stick... and tried to get Rose to stand under the Grand Champion Heffer sign while we took a picture. It would've been funny cause she only weighs like a buck and a real competitive heffer usually weighs over a ton. Oh yea... and she's not a cow. In fact that would've been funny on several levels... moving along.

She's smart, she's got a pretty voice though she doesn't like "showing it off"... more like she's shy about it, she always says there's no drama in her life but it's more like she just has tunnel vision for what she's looking for or what she wants. It's pretty funny; she just doesn't notice the drama. I envy her for that; I notice the drama but I always just try to not get caught up in it. Sometimes it gets offended and punches your roommate, then you have to pull them out of it. I also seem to absorb the drama for her; I guess I should've realized it this time: (story)

It was sometime this summer, we were at Peppers, where Rose always hangs out on the weekend. This was the Peppers in the Ripple, but Rose is to be found at any given Peppers on any given Thursday-Saturday night. She was dancin a jig on the dance floor (wish I had that video) and some dude got all up on her. I had run slater sprints about 4 hours prior to the time and I was in no mood to dance... nor were my legs. So I'm leaning on the bar, her boyfriend's on stage or I'm sure he would've done something, but I wasn't really paying attention to anything except the music and my drink; the latter getting very little, I was more interested in just relaxing. Then Rose yells at me from across the dance floor and motions for me to get over there. She had been trying to coax me into dancing all night, and I explained how tired my legs were and that I didn't want to dance, so I just shake my head. Then she gets a more serious look and motions again, and I'm like okay whatever. When I get over there she's like, "Stand right here." I'm thinking sweet! I get to be a pole! Poles get danced on! No, more like Rose had strategically placed an unsuspecting Asher in between her and this smelly redneck dude w/ a patch on his head who looked like he'd gotten in a fight earlier that night.


Needless to say, I thanked Rose as the guy bumped into me twice. He had at least two friends with him that I could see, but at that point I really didn't care; I told Rose that she was going to bail me out when I went to jail, which she said wasn't going to happen. As usual, she was right, but she was close to not being right; aside from some disdainful looks and the two bumps, the guy really didn't do anything. He was a skinny guy... that made me a little nervous. See, people think just cause you're bigger than someone that you'll be the victor in a fight. There are many cases where this is indeed true; wrestling, cage matches, boxing, etc.... fighting venues with rules. Street fights, no rules, skinny guys carry weapons or find weapons real quick and use them in the dirtiest way possible if their opponent is bigger, and sometimes just because they're skinny.

Anyway, I'm straying from the point. The point is, the douche represented drama, Rose represented herself, and I represented myself. She always wonders why my life has so much drama. It's cause I'm blocking it from her! I mean just randomly there are fights outside my door, people wreckin shit, going to jail, tires getting slashed, baby's mamas cryin. That is a lot of random drama. Too much for one person, so that's my theory. Somehow I'm absorbing the drama Rose is supposed to be getting. Thanks for keeping my life exciting Rose.

Wow that was a helluvatangent. Rose is cool for a variety of reasons and maybe when I get the link for the dance I'll make a list to follow... since basically my life isn't going to change too much over the next week.

I learned how to use tracts...
click here to learn yourself...

I proved a limit

I talked about this poster...
Oh...and I met "Chemistry guy" Now known as Nathan...

That's all for September....Moving on to October....

Well the most exciting thing is that I dressed up like Elmo... Yep that's not only Elmo... That's Elmo in a nursing outfit....pretty cool if youy ask me.

Ok... How about November?

Well... Heather (a girl I went to school with in 1-3 grade) came up from Texas to visit. I also stood out in the cold the day after Thanksgiving...that was crazy...

I also past 8th grade math and 8th grade science...yes!

Alright!!!!! Time for December!!!!

Of course you really need to see this

Well basically the whole month is all about the super stellar Colts! Oh!!! AND I GOT TO GO TO CLEVELAND AND SEE U2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another very memorable event was Tyannnannana and Josh moving to Cincy...that wasn't December at all....but I still haven't written a big post about them....IT's Coming!!!!

So pretty much the last 6 months on my blog hasn't been too crazy interesting...I'll have to spice it up....

Hopefully you guys will stick around...

Thursday, December 22, 2005

One year old...

I am not sure if I will update again before Christmas or not.

So if not...I would like to say happy birthday to my bloc! It was on Christmas last year (or actually the 26th because if was after midnight) that I started this blog. I was inspired by Tyana because she had a super rocking blog. It's been an interesting year with a wide range of topics. Fun times were had by all.

I would like to thank all of you who have been around since the beginning and all of you that joined up sometime later in the year. I hope that it has been some what entertaining for you.

What are some of your favorite memories of times on this blog? I am going to do a recap of the year with stuff from some of my memorable things.

The melted snowman...

Star Trek...
all the various words of the day... I must get those back in here.... what was the first word you ask? phosphofructokinase....

Meeting Scot Pollard...

this guy...
Both the Numa Numa guy and Baby got book....the links don't work anymore so if you didn't see's funny.

The blog war with brianisrockhard ...that was good times...for old can fire a bullet his way if you want.

All of the crazy debating that went on in March. Check that out in the archives...march 2004.

my crazy boots...
ass-tapping... if you never checked this's absolutely hilarious...

how to kiss... I know nobody else probably finds it too funny...but ask tracy and kenda...and they will tell you we were rolling on the floor.

me wearing socks on my feet so i could get in the pit area at the track... you really had to be there.

And that takes you through june.... I will break this into two parts....the rest of the year will be coming soon.

I know you are biting your fingernails!!!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

how depressing...the Colt's finally lost...

they played like poo

They toyed with my heart.

I thought they were going to make it...

they even got ahead by a point...

they didnt.

dang it.

Oh well...we already clenched everything we needed in the regular Superbowl...we are still coming your way.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


Go Colts!!!!!

We are so awesome...yep...

aren't you guys happy?? I took the annoying video off the you don't have to listen to it every time.

Friday, December 16, 2005

louie louie

This is my roommate's dog louie. He hates his pimp coat. I think it's hilarious.

Alright...Finals are DONE! Sweet...

GO COLTS!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

why oh why???

I wonder why I graduated from college and then decided it was a wonderful idea to go back...with no purpose really set in place. Now I have to endure things such as...FINALS. mmm...math...good stuff. So I have one today...I have been dragging my lazy butt actually getting on studying for it.

I WENT TO U2 THIS WEEKEND AND IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! Our seats were awesome. They were in the club level...first row. We got crazy lucky though. If our seats had been one seat over...we would have been relocated somewhere else. There was a huge camera...people that had seats around it had to keep being moved elsewhere. Bono...he's cool. He said some pretty cool stuff...I really like the Edge. I think the Edge is my favorite. He plays the guitar pretty good. Anyway...a cool part of the concert was when Bono brought a little girl on stage and had her sing with him. She had gum in her mouth...he told her she may want to spit it out and he put out his hand. She spit her gum in his hand and he put it in his pocket. It was pretty darn cool. was fun.

The Colts are still undefeated. That's awesome! They sucked for so's about time they do good! Oh well...we've got all the goals we need as far as making it to the playoffs with a first round bye and home field advantage...hopefully we do good in the playoffs!!! I would love to see us go to the Superbowl.

Damn Ron Artest. Why would any team want him??? He is trouble. TROUBLE! I thought he was doing pretty good this season. I was glad he was back. I understand him wanting to be traded...but he went and told the media before talking to the team! I hope they feed him to the sharks...give him to Detroit. Of course then he would do good...give them more firing power...

I am going to start tutoring a first grader in Spanish cute is that??? I am going to teach him his numbers...with m&m's! It's going to be super!

Did you guys not watch the video? I was expecting a ton more feedback. Tyana...what happened was I was over at my friend Josh's house sometime this summer with him and his girlfriend. He showed me some other video of another friend doing some ghetto dancing. I told him he should get a video of every girl that came over. I told him I would dance. He picked the song...and there I went. If you are confused...see last post...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

what up home fry?

First of all...

I know you guys are probably sick of hearing about it...but it's this maybe soon I will quit talking about it...

I GET TO SEE U2 ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah...I am pretty excited about it. I get to see Addie too. She lives in Cleveland. I went to school with her at Cumberland. It's been a looong time since I have seen her.

Next...I probably won't update again till after U2 so

GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!


If think that you need to watch this....I promise you will laugh. It's me dancing...I don't really know what got into me. That's what makes it funny. It's from the summer sometime...about 4 a.m. I promise that I am not even drunk. I didn't even drink that night. You will never be able to listen to that Black Eyed Peas song the same way again...

Alright...have a good weekend!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

today is my last immunology class...

And that makes me pretty excited.

I learned a lot in that class the few times I actually went. I do stress the FEW times I went. I have had a problem since I started school. I am pretty much a slacker. Well sort of a slacker. I remember getting in trouble in second grade for not writing out my spelling words 5 times each. I would try to rush and do them right before they were due. I did fine on my spelling tests. In my mind that means that I don't need to write out my spelling words. Well...I went to a school that definitely did paddle the kids...and I got sent to the principal's office several times because of not doing homework...and I got paddled. What's ironic is now I am tutoring this middle schooler in spanish...and apparantly she has a tough time spelling her vocab words. I told her a great way to fix that is write the words out 5 times each. Ha. When I was in 4th grade, I got in school suspension for not doing my homework. I had to stay in the principal's office until I finished all the homework. The problem continued into high school. I wasn't a fan of doing the homework, or research papers for that matter. My tests scores were always great, so it didn't cause too huge of a problem. I do remember getting a D in honors US history for not doing the research paper. In college, I just didnt go to class. Did good on tests...didn't do homework...So...immunology...I missed the first half of the semester...except for test days...I had to go the last eight lectures to do the in-class exercises. That leaves me with a B in the class. Sweet...Alright...that was a lot of random rambling...I'm sorry.

*I got to hang out with Asher on Friday. That was fun. I didn't get to hang out too late or drink any because I had a run the next morning. I was desperatly trying to get the last of the tequilla out of the shot Asher took. I love that stuff.

*On Saturday...I did the Jingle Bell Run....You can find a picture of me running at here, group 1, page 9, 1st pic on the page (pic 161 I think). It was super cold...It was fun though. I am crazy fast! Oh wait...jk

*Went the the Pacers game last was tragic...meaning we lost...dang Pacers.

Friday, December 02, 2005

oh weekend here you come!!!!

this is funny...I stole it from Tyana.

This right here...thank God...know more annoying sound...

*In one week I am heading to Cleveland to see U2!!!!!!!!!!! I am sort of excited...

*Tomorrow morning I am running in the Jingle Bell Run. You get to put bells on your shoes...ha.

*Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to say even though I have a lot to say. I am just too lazy to type it. You know?

*So I am thinking REALLY seriously about moving to Chicago next year. I get a call from my mom....she tells me she is moving to Chicago in March. What???? Oh well...I think she is going for the suburbs...I want to live straight up in the city yo.

*Colts play on Sunday...we are going for 12-0!!!! Go us...we can do it.

Now... this quite possibly could be the hottest picture ever...I mean look at it...I am one hot piece of something...maybe snot??
At least that is sort of interesting...or something. Sort of disturbing...but still interesting. I can't help it if sometimes I get the urge to stick my finger up my nose. Everybody does right? Alright...enough of this conversation...I hope everybody has a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

selfish??? WHAT????

What makes you attractive? by Eurudite
Your Eyes:: 80%
Your Smile:: 30%
Your Body:: 83%
Your Wit:: 75%
Your Charm:: 44%
Your Personality:: 91%
What first attracts them:You always smile first.
Why they stay:They have a physical addiction to you.
What pushes them away:You can be a little selfish.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Check this out...

This right here

some guy name Ronald MacDonald got arrested for stealing hamburgers from Wendy's...weird.

I went to the Colts game on Monday. They won. That means that the Colts are 11-0

That is pretty sweet.

The semester is almost over. Next week is the last week of classes and then I have two finals I need to take and won take home final. Sweet. I can't wait. Then I get a Christmas break. I am actually going to have a week off from work and school the week of Christmas. I have never had that before since high school. I'm not going to know what to do...any suggestions??

But then the week after that I have to get my wisdom teeth out...sweet! Or not...

But then I am going to Arizona to see my mom and run in a mini-marathon. They have a concert after the mini. If you are registered for the race, you get in free. It's Collective Soul...

Anything else going that's interesting???

Friday, November 25, 2005

it's been so long...I have so much to say!

Ok...I hope you guys are still looking at this. I hope you haven't given up. I'm still here :). It's been a busy week. I'm back though!!! I do have some thoughts...

I told you I would show you my hair, and I still haven' here you go...

Colts are still undefeated...and that's awesome. I'm pretty happy.

This week was Thanksgiving...and that's awesome makes me happy...I get food.

Heather...a friend from elementary school came in on tuesday. That was cool. I never see anybody from elementary. It was good catching up.

Wednesday is the biggest going out night of the we hit up the Vogue. Got are dance on...I went with Heather...and Kenda...and Lindsey...and we met up with Jessie, Lynsey, and Allison from Chuck E. Cheese...

This is me, lindsey, kenda, and heather...

Lindsey is my new is our first roommate picture...isn't that special?

Thursday was Thanksgiving...I did a run in the morning. That was interesting because I didn't go to bed till 4 in the morning and I got up at 7:30. It was a good run though. It was the Drumstick Dash in Broadripple. We were moving our feet so people could eat. It was supporting Wheeler Mission. was 4.5 miles. I had a goal of doing it in 38 minutes. I did it in I did it...just barely...but I did it...ha.

After that...I went to 2 Thanksgiving meals...and then I went to a Pacers game...we won!!!! 2 am...I went over to Brian T.'s house with Nathan. I did that so we could go shopping this morning. I got bundled up and then stood out in the cold for about 1.5 hours. It was is me and brian looking pitiful...

Tonight I went to Applebee's with Nathan...


Pacers lost tonight. It was terrible loss. We should have won...Atlanta is 1-9...well now 2-9...We only lost by two points. I hate that. I'm mad...

Alright...I think I'll quit writing now...this is random. I wonder how many people made it to the bottom of this...

Let me know if you did...tell me if you did...

Friday, November 18, 2005

two posts in one day...sweet...

You Passed 8th Grade Science

Congratulations, you got 8/8 correct!

random things I absolutely no particular order

U2....they rock my world...I like them...less than a month till I get to see them!!!! As Tyana would say...WOOT!!!
Philosophy lip's amazing...I reccomend that you try!!!! If not the kiss me...try the Big's great.
Scot Pollard...he is so funny...
PACERS!!!!!!! I love them...but I don't have to like them right now.

Best face wash ever...Purity by Philosophy...You need to try...girls and guys a will make your face feel so...well....pure.

Running...I like it...What I really would love is running fast...That's what Nathan is helping me with...Yay for cross country coaches!!!! WOOHOO!

Crazy Train...Aight Aight...can't get enough of it...stop shaking your's a catchy song...I also enjoy the song that samples crazy train...don't know what it is though...they play at Colts game...used to play it at Pacers games...
Being know it...
Abstract Algebra...I really like this class. Terrible of me to put something math related on the list of things I love...huh?
Dancing crazy...not necessarily in an outfit like this...but I like to dance stupid...
COLTS!!!!!! GO COLTS!!!!! We are well on our way to the Superbowl...and it makes me smile.

There is more to the list...obviously....Maybe I will add more later...

What are some things you love? (besides me of course...ha)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

thursday means....TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!!!!!

Good week is the week of Thanksgiving. I am sure you all know this. This makes me really excited. Why you ask??? I will tell you why.

Here is a list:
*I only have school Monday and Tuesday
*This means I don't have to work in the MAC on wednesday
*I have Thursday off...and then I am taking Friday off.
*I get to eat a lot of food...
*I have a run thursday morning...that means a free t-shirt.
*I am going to the Pacers game thursday night.
*I am going to go see the lighting of the Christmas "tree" for the first time
*I am going to go shopping really early friday morning.
*My friend Heather from elementary school, who I haven't seen since elementary coming in tuesday from texas.
*did I mention a lot of FOOD????

So the world is on the brink of a major flu epidemic. It's coming! The avian flu...we talked about it in immunology. I guess sometimes when you actually go to can learn a few things. I read an article about it in the paper today...and I thought...wait! I just learned about this yesterday. You see...the H5N1 flu virus is coming to get us! So be ready...

I bought a coat's I bought awesome shoes...(Pictured below) they are hot too...and my hair is awesome...I will take a picture and put it up soon...

Best shoe ever.....

So what's going on with you????

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I just got my hair done...I put red streaks in's pretty sweet. I will take a picture soon.

K...School has been crazy. It's almost done for the semester...that's pretty sweet.

Hey...if anybody would like to sponsor a child for Christmas...meaning buy them some toys and such...let me know...or if you want to donate money towards Christmas dinners for needy families...let me know...

i have to go to class now...

i will write more soon...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

does anybody know what the deal in France is??

*I GET TO GO TO A U2 CONCERT!!!!! That's jealous. I am going to one in Cleveland on December 10th. WOOHOO!!!! Nathan got tickets...I am super pumped. U2 is awesome. He have me a card...and it said "What are you doing December 10th?" With that was a U2 book...and the card had a little map of the stadium in it. I was pretty excited.

*The pink stripes in my hair were only temporary. They were supposed to last a few days...but I don't think that we had the dye in my hair long enough so it didn't really. I have no pictures. Don't worry...I thought it was super I will do it again...then I will take a picture.

*I am going to a Pacer's game tonight. They play Miami Heat. Shaq won't be playing. I have been to the last 3 Miami games...and Shaq has not played at any. I really would like to see him play.

Friday, November 04, 2005

don't you wish you looked like this???

Now that's hot. So I guess in Kansas they are about to do a vote on the practice of teaching evolution in public schools. This seems to be a crazy ongoing issue...doesn't it? It's sort of weird that we spend so much time concentration on how we are going to teach on evolution...when only MAYBE a class period or two will get spent talking about in high school. When I was in high school, I wished that we would have spent more time on it. So...back to Kansas...

Here is a little part of the article....

Now, the new Kansas standards, which outline what teachers should teach and test on, leave evolutionary principles in the curriculum but insert phrasing that encourages students to question their validity. The standards also delete certain text about how science is defined.

I am not a teacher or I am not sure why this bothers me so much. Actually, I do know. I was super upset when we touched on evolution in college and people wouldn't even listen to it. There has to be some way that people can LEARN about it. Learning about it doesn't mean that's what you believe. I learn about a lot of stuff I don't believe. What makes me most mad is this phrase: The standards also delete certain text about how science is defined. That's terrible! You can't do that! an effort to change the way evolution is taught...we are going to neglect to fully teach the definition of science. Wow...

It pretty much seems like a lot of time wasted on something that doesn't even get that much notice in the classroom. There are other things we probably should be focusing more on. Maybe we should focus on actually offering quality education to students. We need to worry about getting students prepared for college and life. I don't think colleges are going to sugar coat evolution. My college didn't...and they were baptist affiliated.

I know this a little bit of a rant...I don't really have a lot of time to actually make myself sound coherent...what are your thoughts?

Here is the article:


In other news...

Pacers have won the first two home games.

Did you hear about that guy that is suing Home Depot because he was glued to the toilet seat?

I fell up the stairs this morning...and scraped my hand.

it hurt.

I put pink streaks in my hair. It's kind of cool.

K...I'm done.

Have a great weekend!!! What are your plans???? I will be out of town...woohooo.....

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I knew my math degree would be usual for something...

You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 10/10 correct!

Oh yeah!!!!
So the Elmo costume...random isn't it? I started out in overalls...but somehow it turned into the nurses costume. Awesome. Speaking of awesome costumes....
Check this out...
Captain Crunch is Brian T.'s little brother...Robbie...he is crazy...
Alright...I must go to class now...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

my dad...he is crazy

A conversation I had with my dad today:

Dad: I want you to help me put a new ringtone on my phone.
me: O.K. what song do you want?
Dad: How about that song by that pussycat group?
me: Pussycat dolls?
Dad: yeah...that's it. I head that song at a dance last week.
me: *Ignoring that request*
Dad: So are you going to be able to get that song for me?
me: Do you really want your phone to sing "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?"
Dad: Oh no...I guess not...

He is a riot...He was also talking about what to dress as for Halloween. I think he decided on Lance Armstrong. This was after he was considering being a "brotha." Wow.

I don't know what to dress up as for Halloween...I'm taking suggestions...what do you think I should be??? better yet...what are you going to be?

Friday, October 21, 2005

stupid stupid...

I like asking questions...because then I don't have to think and it gives me something entertaining to dont have to answer them all if you don't want to...but if you do...have at's fun stuff...

Your name:

Take a stab at my middle name :

Where did we meet?

Do I believe in God?

How long have you known me?

Do I smoke?

What was your first impression of me upon meeting?

Color of my eyes:

Do I have any siblings?

What's one of my favorite things to do?

Do you remember one of the first things I said to you?

What's my favorite type of music?

Am I shy or out going?

Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules?

What's your favorite memory of me?

Any special talents:

If there was one good nickname for me, what would it be?

If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what one thing would I bring?

Am I the kind of person that would stick up for the underdog, or bully?

My worst quality?

Do I like Coke or Pepsi?

Am I liberal, or conservative?

Is there an evil twin living in me?

If you could change my FIRST name, what name would you chose for me?

Why do you think I was placed on this earth?

Do I drink alcohol?

Do I have a crush on you?

Do you have a crush on me?

Whats' my fav. feature about myself?

what's your favorite feature about me?

What is my favorite article of clothing to wear?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


The tests are over for a few minutes. So I have time to finally throw an update your way. YESSS... are a few random things:

*The Colts are still undefeated. That's sweet. Brian T. says that they are going to go to the Super Bowl. He believes this because his dad said so. That would be cool if he is right.

*Pacers are cool. The regular season starts soon...and I couldn't be more excited. I still don't like Jamaal Tinsley, and it looks like Granger and Bender want to be superstars. They keep trying to do all kinds of flashy moves. Bender did have a good game last night...but we will see how long that lasts.

*I got my Abstract Algebra test back. I got an 87%. That's really good...the average was a 53% and he my 87% definitely is an A. Yesss...I felt smart for a second.

*I like BW's 35 cent wing night. You can eat a lot of wings and not pay a lot. That's cool.

*Yep...that's random...

*Other random sister is married...weird. very weird. If you know my know that is really weird...oh well. She married some guy who grew up on an Indian dad went on and on about interracial marriages and how they are bad or something...I just though "are you kidding me....this is 2005..." wow.

*k...I am going to homework now.

*tell me something interesting...

Monday, October 17, 2005


sorry for the lack of updating. It sort of has been test central for me. After tomorrow...everything should be great...I know you are all anxiously awaiting the return of substantial updates...right??

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I am excited

Pacers start back up at home tonight...I know it is just preseason...but I am an excited girl!!!!
I have my Pacers jersey on...and I am ready to go! I am excited about getting my hands on some ultimate nachos too. Those are the stuff...Rumor has it that my favorite guy...the great Scot Pollard is going to start tonight...let's see what happens there...

Monday, October 10, 2005

breakfast club

Wow. What an amazing experience. This weekend, I went up to Purdue so I could check out this thing called Breakfast Club that takes place before all home games. The bars open up at 7:00 in the morning...and people dress up in costumes and go drink. I decided I would like to see this in action. I went up to visit Asher this weekend. We went out on Friday night...then went home and slept for a couple hours so we could get back up again and go out. It was the first time I have ever drank alcohol before noon. Wow...Some people had amazing these guys and him and batman. There are definitely more to be just check out the link to the picture album below. was a great time. They covered up the windows so it felt like it was dark when you walked was bit bright. You had all the 80's music you could ask for...and you got special collector's cups. It was a bit weird to see people so drunk before noon...but all in was amazing...k...check out some pictures.

Here they are

Now...check out this video of Asher dancing singing before we even went out to the bars...

here it is

Friday, October 07, 2005


I stole this off Matt's xanga.

I went to google and searched for "rose needs" here is some of the stuff I got that I needed...

Rose needs....
*your help to make a "Penguin Information Bullitin Board" for the classroom
*no introduction
*more water
*to say "I have a problem, I need some help"
*a husband
*privacy to maneuver a proposal out of her boyfriend
*only to contort, cry, scream, and untter gutteral musings in ancient languages to completely
freak us out
*an IBM compatible computer
*nourishment like any growing flower
* to go

It was too much fun so I had to do some for you guys....

Tony needs...
*a dog
*to lose the cigarettes

Asher needs...
*a love interest
*a kitty-cat

Thom needs...
*a new hair cut
*to put soap in his ass

Tyana needs...
*to know what makes her tick
*to do a makeover for here

Matt needs...
*someone to bend him over and give him 20 paddles

If you want to be lucky enough to see your name on here...just leave your name and I'll do it...or you can go to google yourself and leave your results....

Thursday, October 06, 2005

of arranged marriages and such.

I mentioned something about arranged marriages in my last post. Since it is getting a bit of a response...I thought I would move it to the top. This way we can have a full out discussion about it. I think that arranged marriages could make life easy. We wouldn't have to worry about know? I guess of course we would have to worry about ending up with someone who we are totally not compatible with...but you can make anything work...right? This is what various people have said so far.

Tony said:

I agree with you on the arranged marriage thing. Maybe we should just get together a group of 20 or so singles. Put names in two hats: one for boys one for girls. Draw one from each hat, and BAM, there you go, another happily married couple. As long as everyone was willing to make things work.............
I would have to say that sounds like a fantastic idea...can we do a sort of white elephant thing? Where we can steal what other people have already drawn or pick out of the hat? That could be crazy interesting....

Thom said:

Tony, this is slightly OT but watch Ice Storm ( ) and see how badly this sort of thing could work out.

OTOH, if we are going in for arranged marriages, I think we should toss in a statute for multiple wives too. Of course being a modern man I would have to assume that would also go for women having multiple husbands too (never see that in the middle east!) I think it is safe to skip any rule that ivolvles the cutting off of heads.

So Rose, did you have any idea how derranged of a post the arranged marriage comment would pull? Personally I can't wait to hear what other people think!
I didn't check out the link people go check it out....More than one husband? That could be a little crazy...

Asher said:

The hat idea; I can find something in just about anyone that I love and focus on it, so it would probably work. But I think I'll take free choice over luck of the draw, because inevitably I would find someone with a trait I'm more fond of than the one I have focused on with my chosen partner, and that would be problematic.
True dat...but luck of the draw could be interesting...and if that was the way of life...who cares...right?

What are everybody elses thoughts? Anybody want to say forget about dating...and just start picking names? We can start a sign up sheet...haha...

In other news...
I seriously should not own a car.
read this and you will know that I do have bad luck cars. Even since that last car quit on me and now I have a temporary car that I paid $500 for. For $500 it is the best car ever. If I had paid any more than this...I would have been more upset this morning when I went out to my car and noticed a huge dent in the top of it. It looks as if somebody thought that it would be a great idea to jump up on top of my car and do a little dance. What the hell? So not the top of my car is sort of sunken in. It is complete with footprints that serve as proof that somebody was freaking crazy. It's sort of funny but still...why me????

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

You've got a lure I can't deny...

but you've had your chance so say goodbye...

I keep writing an entry and deleting it and trying over. I just can't get what I want to say to come out right. so I think I am going to just spout of some random thoughts and that be it. If it's confusing...ask questions...and maybe I'll answer.

*I don't know. I don't like people messing with my head, or messing with my heart for that matter.

*I want a guy who knows what he wants. I want a guy who will see me and are exactly what I want.

*I want a guy who is not fickle and who can make his own decisions.

*You probably don't care what kind of guy I want...right?

*Why can't relationships and love be easy?

*I almost think arranged marriages would be better...then I wouldn't have to make a choice...of course...then I am stuck with someone...and maybe I wouldn't want to be with them...and that would suck.

*I don't want to be hurt

*it sucks.

*I guess it's a good growing experience.

*moving on...



*The Postal Service is a pretty good band. Check them out.

*I'm going to go up to Purdue this weekend...that should be fun

*it's been a while since I've hung with Asher.


Monday, October 03, 2005

25 Questions You'd Never Think to Ask. (and then some....)

Dang it...these stupid surveys get me every time. This one asks better questions read on!!!

1. When you look at yourself in the mirror, what's the first thing you look at? my face

2. How much cash do you have on you? $6.

What's a word that rhymes with "TEST"? Best

4. Favorite plant?: A rose

5. Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone: A Pacer's sales rep

6. What is your main ring tone on your phone?: What is love?

7. What shirt are you wearing?: a gray t-shirt.

8. Do you "label" yourself?: sort of I label myself as cool...ha

9. Name brand of your shoes currently wearing? American that was a HUGE suprise

11. What do you think about the person who took this survey before you?: Chuck...he's cool...he went to Cumberland with me...he's dating that makes him cool

12. Do you know what an 8-track is?: yes

13. What were you doing at 9pm last night?: hanging out with Nathan

14. What did your last text message say that you recieved on your cell?: Thank are awesome...have a wonderful day.

15. Do you ever click on Pop-ups or banners?: nope

16. What's a saying that you say a lot?: "yo"

17. Who told you they loved you last?: my Aunt Priscilla

18. Last furry thing you touched?: Lindsay's dog

19. How many hours a week do you work?: counting school? or not counting school? I dont know...hours I get paid for would be 37...30 at Reese...7 at the MAC

20. How many rolls of film do you need to get developed?: 2

21. Favorite age you have been so far? I'm going with 23

22. Your worst enemy?: hmmm...that's a tough one. I'm not sure. How about Tinsley? I'd beat him up if I saw him.

23. What is your current desktop picture?: It's a drawing Kristin did for me a long time says you are hot..

24. What was the last thing you said to someone?: when is the homework due?

25. If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to erase all of your regrets, what would you choose? a million bucks...I dont like to have regrets.

26. What earrings are you wearing right now? just a hoop in my tragus.

27. What color are your sheets? cream

28. Are your nails painted? no...but my toenails are.

29. Are you depressed? no

30. Do you have friends in other grades? I guess you can say that...i guess this was meant for highschoolers.

ok...go ahead and answer two of these yourself...

have a good day.

Friday, September 30, 2005

fall is la la

I love fall!!!!!! It is my favorite season by far. I was so excited yesterday to have to wear a sweater and a jacket. I love it. I love to layer and I am glad it is time to start that back up again!!!! I love the smell. I love the air. I love all the leaves. The only thing I don't like about fall is how short it is. I wish it could go on all year long. Yeah...alright. So, I am going to go camping again this weekend! I never have camped in my life and now here I am...going two weeks in a row. I can't wait to sit around the campfire and enjoy this nice fall weather. I am going with Meredith and Josh and some of their friends. Meredith and Josh are cool people. Meredith makes me laugh. She is quite opinionated. Oh...and Nathan is going. Nathan is the chemistry guy. Apparantly he likes hanging out with me. (That's cool with me...I like hanging out with him.) He's a nerd....but a cute nerd. There aren't too many of us out there. Alright...I strayed from fall...or maybe I could say I fell away from fall? Layering clothes. That is the best thing ever. I think that guys look super hot in layered clothes...thus...fall is a good time for me. Hooded sweaters...oh yeah...that's a huge weakness...guys look really cute in them. So fall...Brown County, leaves different colors...candy cider...yes...I guess what I really wanted to say was that I LOVE FALL!!!!!

moving on... Matt...this post was going to be for you...but I couldnt get my USB ports to work on my I couldn't upload your pictures. Sorry :( I will do it again sometime.

Ok...I am going to finish this by asking you some questions:

(I think I am going to do this on some posts for a while...that is until I get bored with it)

1. Who are you?
2. How did we meet?

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

sometimes I start smiling and i just can't stop.

Sigh...:) it's been a pretty cool week.

*Ok. Moving on. So life is random? What??? Ok. Maybe I agree with you, but could you please elaborate. I remember back in August when Matt came to visit me. Matt is my Princeton friend. He is smart. He was telling me how one of his professors thinks that you can figure out a person by studying their social web. Matt said he didn't even think he could begin to draw my social web. So there...maybe that means I am impossible to figure out.

Intelligent Design

Alright. Here we go. Asher had an interesting post on his blog. I suggest that you click here to read it. I think I attempted to talk a little bit about this a few posts back. I failed miserably. Here are my thoughts now. I am a huge fan of evolution. It is probably one of my favorite areas of science. Maybe this is because I love to play with DNA. I don't know. I love Darwin. Now all conservative Christians reading this...insert gasp here _____ . The truth is, I don't really care how the world was created. I mean I do care, but not enough to sit around and worry about whether or not the Bible has it pegged exactly right. Maybe this is the hard thing about being a scientist. I think faith is much harder. that take the "God created the world in 7 days" approach...that's fine with me...that's what you believe...go with it. I can't say that I think the days are literaly. Dude...they are GOD days. I think that the word they actually used in the Hebrew (was it Hebrew Matt? You are my genius language scholar) was length of time. Another problem I have is that the seven day approach was given in Genesis 1, in Genesis 2, it gives a whole other view of creation. In Genesis 1, the earth was covered in water. In Genesis 2, the earth was dry. Plus, both accounts are nearly exactly like other Pagan accounts of creation. I'm a little too lazy to look it up right now...but I know one of them was the Babylonian account. Ok...I think I am straying from my orginal point. Sorry. I do that pretty frequently. Let me get back on...

Intelligent design? Do I believe there is a God? Hell yeah... Do I believe he is fully capable of creating this world...hell yeah. How did he do it? It's not that big of a deal to me...and it doesn't make my faith in him any stronger or any weaker.

Evolution? Is it any coincidence that mitochondria and cholorplasts look like bacteria? I don't think so. Is it any coincidence that we have the ability to adapt? I don't think so.

I think that Christians need to stop worrying about trying to prove how the world was created. I am not sure that this is the ticket to winning people to Christ.

So teaching creationism in public schools... does it belong in the Bible literature class or in the science class? Again, I look back at the excorcism of Emily Rose. There were two very different camps of beliefs. The God side and the science side. Can those two come together? With how our public school system is set up, I don't think so. I do know that not much time is even spent on evolution in the public school classroom. Why not spend just a few more minutes mentioning another theory? We learn about different historical theories in the sciences that made absolutely no sense. So even if intelligent design makes no sense to you...why not throw it out there? We learn about Greek mystical gods...I am pretty sure that they get some mention even in science. So what is the big deal about throwing the Yahweh God out there for a few? They are both teach them as that. Now microevolution...that's good stuff. that deserves all the mention it can get. Some people freeze up at the word evolution. They don't want to hear anything about anything that pertains to evolution. All I have to say about this is "know your enemies." <-- great line from my population biology teacher (Dr. Hancock).

If that made sense...great. If it didn't... I'm sorry. It's early. It's so early even that I'm not going to spell check or grammar check...(evil laugh here)

So what if I started considering myself an agnostic? Can I do that even if I still have a full believe in God...I just can't figure anything else out? How would the Baptists take that? Can I be an agnostic Christian? Oh well...I hate labels...whatever. I just stay confused.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Happy Birthday to Google...

I guess today is Google's 7th birthday. Be sure to send them a card. I like google. Why? I like their search engine...I like blogger...I like gmail...they are just sweet.

Eric. If you are reading this...comment and let me know that you have your phone...or you don't have your phone and you need my number...or just call me tonight...whatever. I heard about someone taking your phone from Chemistry guy.

Chemistry guy (Nathan) that's random. We leave Pepper's...chemistry guy is not too far behind I guess. Eric sees them and asks N's friend if he could use his phone. N's friend says no but N lets Eric use his phone. N then realizes that Eric was my friend...Eric said oh! your the chemistry guy or something to that effect and said he would put a good word in for me. Is he deserving of a good word, Eric? :)

Soo...N called me last night. He asked me out on a date. That doesn't happen often. Of course, there really hasn't been an oppurtunity for that in a loong time. I ended up talking to him forever. It was sort of cool. I guess I will talk more on him later if he's worth it. Asher, I think that you would approve of his music taste...You guys will have to talk sometime. (again...only if he is worth it)

I went camping this weekend. It was the first time in my life that I ever went camping. I had fun. The only issue was when I woke up in the middle of the night I had to use the bathroom, and I didn't want to go through all the trouble to get out of the I had to wait for morning. Matt State made some awesome chicken.

I spent the weekend refreshing my memory on why most Christian music is horrible. It has been a long time since I have actually listened to it, and none of it has changed. My mind went numb...I promise. Sorry Matt for putting you through that.

Well...I guess that is all for now... I don't really have much time to do anything.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Tony was can still ask questions...

But I think I will answer the few who have commented. (anon, Thom, Asher, Lindsey)

Edit...Here is Tony's:

Tony: These are some good questions.

*why would you want to leave a perfectly good job and go back to school?

I am still at the job...and I'm working in the MAC and private my money situation really hasn't changed. It is a good's a great job. I am thirsty to learn more though. My brain needs some excersise. Plus, if I go to grad school, they will pay me for that will be my job. Then, one day when I finish up...oh who am I kidding? Am I ever going to be done with school? I like it. I am's the time for me to be doing these things.

*if you could have any animal as a pet (independent of limiting factors, i.e. size, allergy, noise, etc.
this is only based on desire) what would it be and what would you name it?

I would have a sphinx that what they are called? And I would name it Hairy.

*what do you want? what do you think would make you truly happy in life? are they the same? why or why not?

Wow...this question (or 3 questions) could probably take up a whole post. I would say what I truly want is to be able to be happy no matter what circumstance come along in my life. I want to be able to keep a sense of joy about me. To be simple, and be completly happy. I want to find whatever I am looking for right now on this journey we call life...Oh and I want Christian unity...that's a big one.
On a less serious note, this is also what I want:
*to still be in bed
*to move out of Indiana for a bit (Virginia maybe? ;))
*for the day to be over so I can go camping.
*guys to not be so weird
*Easter to hurry up and get here (I guess that is sort of serious)
*My homework to magically do itself
*World peace :)

Now what would make me truly happy? Well that sort of goes with what I want...huh? I think that to be truly happy, I need to get rid of little vices that hold onto me...i.e. worrying. I need to cling to Matthew 6 and not worry about tomorrow...I know I will be truly happy if I just trust God and what he wants. Now...if only he could call me up and tell me clearly exactly what he wants me to do...that would be great. Are what I want and what would make me happy the same? Sort of...because don't we think that if we have what we want we will be happy? Maybe I will write more on this another time...

*To the anonymous poster that wants to know why I want to be catholic...Who are you? Since you asked "why do you want to become catholic?" I will answer...I have been catholic for a long time. catholic means universal church...and I would consider myself part of that universal church. Maybe you should have asked "why do you want to become Catholic?" and I do believe I said ask me 3 questions.

Thom: What a great movie....

What is your name?
Sir Robin of Camelot.
What is your quest?
To seek the Holy Grail.
What is the capital of Assyria?
I don't know that! Auuuuuuuugh (and over the cliff i go...)

Asher: Homestar runner is good stuff...but I think I am going to answer these on my own...

How do you be so short?
*I answer that with how do you be so tall?
Wiggity Wack?
*dude...this question is wack.
Is my under-wears showing?
*I think we all know the answer to this one... I would have to say yes Asher...your underwear is showing. If you don't believe here

Lindsey: your questions are so random...I love it.

if you like cottage cheese, how do you like it? like describe if you like it creamy or not creamy?
*I like cottage cheese...with no fruit on top...and only sometiemes. I'm not sure what creamy cottage cheese is like. I love lasagna that has cottage cheese in it.

does it bother you if people at fast food restraunts forget to put condiments, like jelly (lol.brian trivett.), in your to-go sacks?
*not really. Only if they forget to put the sour cream in my sack from wendy's. I like it in my chili. I don't use a lot of condiments though. Now...if I ordered a jelly biscuit...I would hope that there would be jelly in it.

how does strawberries sound right now? man, i must be hungry.
*I could use a you have any?
name five or ten people in your life who have had the most impact on your character in helping you become who you are right now...or who you love greatly and whom you've learned a lot from.
*man lindsey..this one is hard.
I'm going to lump them as one...Josh and Tyana...they rock my world!
Brian Scheidler...I have learned so much from him....
Brian Trivett...he has been there for me for a long time
Rat Masher! (matt rasure) he's so smart
Tony Laschon...I've learned a lot from him...he's so cool...I hope to learn tons more

Keep the questions coming...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

let's try this out...

I'm too lazy to write anything today sooo...

Ask me any 3 questions you want. I'll do my best to answer them :)

Monday, September 19, 2005

Sunday morning rain is falling

Ok, I know it's monday...but the rain is still falling. What a monday it is. I have to go down to IUPUI here in a few to tutor some chemistry. That should be interesting. I haven't looked at anything chemistry in about 2.5 years.

Check this out:

I think that this poster is great. This poster had gained worldwide attention. Even my dad likes it. He hung one up on the wall. Now that's great. It makes me laugh a little. That's Fr. Meyer in the picture. He is a priest at Our Lady of Greenwood. My friend Melissa actually designed it. Go her! I wonder if people are looking at it and thinking "sweet...I think I want to be a priest." It sort of is supposed to be showing the priesthood in a new k...that's all I have to say about that I guess. I just thought you guys all would enjoy seeing the poster.

*I went to a cookout at the archbishop's house on saturday. I got to see Fr. Meyer (the matrix priest) play some tetherball. I even got to partake in a game of it myself. It's been a while since I have played that. Actually I may not have ever played a real game. I may have been like Napoleon and played by myself. I was pretty much a loser. :). Anyway...I beat Eric, and that's all that matters.

*I got to meet some german guys. That was fun. They have good accents. I felt pretty much like a stud (I don't really know if that's the right word to use) though. Jessica had said something about going to the Latino festival. It happened that the German guys were going to go too. The said something about me giving them a call when I got there...I said yeah that's cool, and all three of them had their phones out waiting for my number. It made me laugh. Anyway, I got the number of one of them, and that was the one that mattered. Sigh...he was cute. Ha. I salsa danced for a second at the festival. Bernie made me. That kid is crazy.

*Oh! at the picnic...2 priests were I think ready to confirm me right then and there. It really took me back to Baptist camp days. I was talking to Fr. Meyer and Fr. McCarthy about my R.C.I.A. class. We were talking about the possibility (if I so chose to even become Catholic) of being confirmed before next Easter. That would be super sweet. Fr. McCarthy said something about being at the Archbishops house and then something about having the oil in his trunk. Fr. Meyer got this look of excitement on his face and said "Really?" Fr McCarthy looked at me and said "Our you ready to except the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour?" That took me straight back to a flashback. Anyway...I wasn't dad would have freaked...some friends would have freaked...and I think it would have been a bit much for the picnic, don't you think? think they were joking...

k...i have to tutor now...bye!

Friday, September 16, 2005

I wonder how Aaron Carter's career is doing?

*That, my friends, was one of the many topics at lunch yesterday. Anybody have a clue about that? I guess we could google it...but seriously? It's Aaron Carter. Well, now I'm curious...I have to google it...hold on. OK...I guess he is in some movie...Supercross. That's about all I have got for you. Did he really ever have a career? The most I remember hearing about him was something about Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff fighting over him. Oh! the drama. Did how is career was going really ever matter? I think not...

*I ask you guys this...if you are someone who is obsessive about flipping their mattress...and you want to flip it the same way everytime so you didn't have to remember which way to flip it next to utilize every inch of your there a way to do that? hmmm....think about the math...see what you come up with...I'll hit you back next time with the answer. I know the suspense is killing you. I know that these sentences made as much sense as the teachers on Peanuts. whatever.

*I was thinking last night about a paper I wrote my sophomore year of high school. I am going to look for it. Maybe I'll post it on here sometime. I used to be big into reading about creation science. Now...I am more into looking at the evolution side. The paper I did was on why creationism should be taught in public schools. It basically was more of an evolution bashing paper. Good stuff. I have read it from time to time over the years...and it always makes me chuckle. Something else that makes me chuckle is when i say I really like Darwin...and people give me the look of death. Now that's priceless. Priceless!

I wanted to leave you with something random...I've got abstract algebra on the google I I searched for abstract algebra...and this is what i got...

What??? That's not abstract algebra...oh well....

Do I make any sense at all? I think my brain is just out there somewhere...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

daily that's just crazy.

I think I am going to just make this post random. (as if that is something different...most of my posts are random)

*It's weird...I'm single. I haven't been single in forever. Kind of cool...kind of not...because the consequence of being single is that I am not dating C. Brian...but I should just come to terms with the fact that he is a guy and sometimes guys are jerks...and he is just being one. . C. Brian...if you read this...even if you are a are an awesome one...:)

*Math is exciting...that's weird too. I shouldn't be getting excited about this stuff. I was doing my abstract algebra homework and I was really excited that I was just doing proofs like they were nothing. What's that about? Then...I was tutoring at the MAC...and i was helping this guy out with his Calc II...and I was super excited to do math problems on the whiteboard. The MAC has a whole wall that is a whiteboard...and that's just cool. What's not cool is the excitement I get when I can integrate by substitution...or when I can do an exact differential equation...weird.

*Speaking of that whiteboard...last week I was showing this girl how to prove that a limit is equal to whatever. (If you want to know how to do this yourself...just see this post) I told her i was going to do it on the whiteboard because it's "pretty much the coolest thing ever." The girl was kind of weird...and a little rude...and she said. "you think that it is the coolest thing ever?" as though I was being serious or something. I looked at her and said "well I's not the coolest thing ever..." Then she asked me if it was better than sex. WTH? (that's what the heck...I stole it from Laura Hash...I thought it was funny)

*K so I am going to go to lunch now...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

funny thing in the news the other day...

*The other day, while I was on my lunch break, I was watching the news. They were interviewing some guy about a license branch closing in Gary, IN. I think that it is kind of random that they would close the one license branch in Gary. I mean, that is a pretty good sized city. I guess that the residents of Gary will have to drive about 4-6 miles out of Gary to get to a branch. Ok...that's not the funny thing... While they were interviewing this guy...the news guy asked him what the impact would be for the people of Gary. The interviewee (is that a word) said that it would really put a strain on the people. It would be really hard for those without transporation to get th the BMV. me crazy...but why do you go to the BMV? Seems that it is for transporation licensing...right? So you most likely would have transportation to get there.... I don't think he thought before that comment.

*I started tutoring privately yesterday. I have been tutoring in the MAC...and then an oppurtunity came up to tutor a lady in math. Sweet... I definitely need more people to tutor. I am going to tutor her 2 hours a week...1 in math...and 1 in chemistry...and I will make $40 a week. I am charging on the cheap side...sooo send people my way. I wish I would have discovered the gold mine that is private tutoring earlier...

*K...that's all for now.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

God and Science...take 2

I used to be a big fan of using science to try to prove things in the Bible. I was big into reading about creationism and the science behind that and all that jazz. Then one day, I realized that it didn't really matter. We didn't need science to believe the Bible. Still..we spend time doing just that. I remember thinking about the possessed people that Jesus healed. I would wonder if maybe they weren't really possessed but instead they were epileptic or something. I asked somebody about that and they said something about that maybe that could be the case...but why don't you take the Bible for what it says? I thought...hmmm...that's a good point. I watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose this last weekend. I must say that it was a pretty good movie. It wasn't so much about the exorcism as it was about a battle of believes. It was a battle of science versus God...of the real versus the supernatural... I thought it was really well done. It reminded me a lot of my days of wanting to prove the Bible with science. I guess it is hard to be a scientist and want to take the Bible by faith. Scientists tend to be pretty analytical and we want proofs for things. It definitely is hard to be a scientist and be a straight up "the world was created in seven days" creationist. I know I used to I am totally not. I think that microevolution is amazing...and I am glad that God gave it to us as a way to adapt. I remember being at Cumberland...and Dr. Hancock was talking about evolution. The whole class totally clammed up. They didn't want to hear it. I love hearing about evolution. It is one of my favorite things to study. Dr. Hancock said something that will always stick with me. He said...I don't care if you believe it or not...but if you are going to argue against it... I ask you to do this one thing...and that is to know your enemies...That Dr. Hancock...he was pretty cool.

Ok...I totally don't think this post made any sense...but oh well.

*I am going to start private tutoring today. I am going to try to find more people to tutor. Somebody told me I shouldn't charge any less than $20 an hour...I felt bad even asking that...but the lady was totally fine with maybe for the next person I will try to up it...hmmm. This could be a gold mine.

*I keep remembering my dreams...I never remember my's weird.

*Have a good day!

Monday, September 12, 2005

of God and science... was going to be a deep post...then I changed my maybe next time...

For now...

You Are Likely a First Born

At your darkest moments, you feel guilty.
At work and school, you do best when you're researching.
When you love someone, you tend to agree with them often.

In friendship, you are considerate and compromising.
Your ideal careers are: business, research, counseling, promotion, and speaking.
You will leave your mark on the world with discoveries, new information, and teaching people to dream.


also...did any of you watch the hurrican benefit concert on Friday? If so...did you happen to hear somebody say "George Bush doesn't care about midgets" ? I heard it...but I wasn't paying attention and didn't hear who said it. I don't know if it was the guy playing the piano or if it was Chris Rock...because right after the statement it cut to Chris Rock. Weird...and inappropriate...but also funny...

Thanks to Josh for this hilarious picture...

It really made me laugh... props to the sweet people that actually put a window air conditioner in their van...

Colts won their opening game!!!

Pacers start playing next month!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me...

Wow..that song truly is terrible. TERRIBLE!!!!

*I have a quote of the day for today. Brian T. was quoting one of his friends today, and it made me laugh.

"It's not that were blaming Bush for the hurricane, we're blaming him for the slow response time."

REALLY??? I hope that nobody is blaming him for the hurricane because that is a truly idiotic thing to do. As far as the slow response time...I am not sure we should be blaming him for that either...I think there are a lot of people to blame.

*I was in the science building last night and I walked by a group of students. They were talking about their retainer (or is it maintainer?) issues. I thought to that is a horrible conversation to be having. I walked by 5 minutes later, and it was still going on. That's when you know you are in the science building

*I had something I was going to vent about on here because I was sort of stewing about it this morning...but now I am over it. All I have to say is we need to not worry so much about the differnent ways people worship and realize that we are all worshiping and there is no set formula on how to hold a high respect for God and worship him. If you want to do it in be it...but you can't say that it is better to go to Latin is equally as good I do believe.

*I had a shot last night. It was absolutely horrible. NEVER EVER EVER drink a liquid cocaine. If you have drank that or you know anything about it...what is in it?


*I did that because it seems that whenever I mention his name, he maybe I should do it again...


I really wanted to show you how big of a nerd I was. Actually, I just can't contain my excitment that I finally understand something I learned 5 years ago. I never quite could grasp the definition of a limit...I could find a limit but I couldn't show you why it was true. Now, thanks to working in the Mac and thanks to my numerical methods class...I will be able to also.

Prove Lim(x→2) 3x+1=7.
*By the definition of a limit, we know |f(x) - L| < ε whenever 0< |x-a| < δ.

*L = 7, f(x) = 3x+1, a = 2

So |3x + 1 - 7| < ε whenever 0< |x-2| < δ
|3x - 6| < ε whenever 0< |x-2| < δ
3|x - 2| < ε whenever 0< |x-2| < δ
|x - 2| < ε/3 whenever 0< |x-2| < δ

*Now, we can use δ= ε/3, and we want to show that this works.

*ε = 3δ

So 3|x - 2| < ε
3|x - 2| <
3|x - 2| < 3(ε/3)
3|x - 2| < ε It does!! So Lim(x→2) 3x+1=7

and the tsks! are optional :)

I know that everybody was just dying to know all that.

*Tony and Matt...I hope you appreciate this.