Sunday, March 21, 2010


I started sort of reading through old posts. First, I went back and looked at the beginnings. I only made it partially through 05. Then, I started with the latest entries and worked my way back.

Turns out, It was WAYYYY more interesting back in the day. It's been pretty lame lame lame since at least 2008. Probably because I never wrote on it anymore and probably because I never did have anything interesting to say. Well, I may have had interesting things to say, I just never did.

I sit around on my computer too much anyway and lamely look at facebook. Why can't I just write a bit on here too?

It's 2010. The blog has been around since December 2004. I'd like to one day just print it all off and have a book of it. That would be pretty fun huh?

Serious updates about me have far been neglected.

Have you seen my dog? I don't know if she has made her way over here. Her name is Lumiya and I've had her since about August of 2008. I got her outside of Walmart one day. She was sitting so sadly in a box. She was covered in fleas and a tiny puppy!

This was her the day I got her, she was pretty dirty!

This was her dressed as harry pupper her first Halloween! Check out her ears!!!

And this is her and Chili Dog getting themselves their picture made last October (so she's pretty full grown. She ways about 25 pounds.) Chili is Andy's dog.

So where does her name come from you ask? If you forgot, her name is Lumiya. Lumiya is a name of a dark lady of the sith that can be found in some star wars books. She looks like this:

I think it's a pretty cool name too. I used to really enjoy the fact that I had never seen star wars. In fact, it can be found in the archives of this blog. Then, I listened to a Star Wars book on tape. I wanted to see the movies after that! I started with Episode 1 and worked my way through. I have now seen them all as well as listened to many Star Wars books and could really hold my own in Star Wars conversations. Also, I have some Star Wars pez dispensers, a Lumiya action figure, a Leia, an R2, a C3po, a Chubawca, a palpatine, a darth vader, a count dookoo, some other random stuff including a bobo phet bobble head, and also Andy and I put together a millennium falcon lego kit. (so don't even know if half of those words are spelled right!) I even bought him a Yoda flash drive for Christmas. Yikes huh? It's a snowball effect. You buy one thing, and then you want more. At some point, I will probably have a whole room dedicated to Star Wars stuff. And the nerd score goes up.

I did meet a girl who had a son named Jedi. (His middle name was also Luke). She had another son who had the middle name Mace. The father loves Star Wars, and it happened that Mace was a family name. He somehow got her sold on the idea of naming a child Jedi. I then was telling her about Luke Skywalker's wife. I told her I thought her name was pretty. It's Mara Jade. She said she has always liked the name Jade and Mara really went with it. I hope if they have a girl they name it Mara Jade! That's spectacular.

Oh! And I even made Andy an R2D2 cake for his birthday!!!

I guess it's a little bit pathetic once you write it all down...

Saturday, March 20, 2010



New post! Thom inspired me. This blog is old old old and people used to read it. Now it's all about facebook. I believe I've said that before.

Thom sent me a message on facebook yesterday, with old comments from this here blog. Trip down memory lane. Let me tell ya.

Then my cousin Sarah said she missed my blog. Plus she misses me. I miss her too.

Thom and Sarah first made a connection on this blog through comments.

It was actually here: (Thanks Thom)

Now, Thom and Sarah are facebook friends. Now, Thom is going to be in Indianapolis this summer and we all are going to drink beer. Maybe even have dinner.

I know Thom because he helped install the phone system at a place of my previous employment. Somehow, he started reading my blog. I wonder if he keeps in touch with a lot of people that he installs phone systems for.

So, it's snowing outside. Really. Sort of crazy. I don't like it. I know Sarah wouldn't either.

Brightside, it should be the last time for a while.

I'm going to California in May. Miss that state. It's lovely there.

I'm in Arkansas now. It's good here too. Although it seems as though the weather is very bad! It rains entirely too much. The people here say it's not usual. I don't believe them.

I wish Sarah could be here! I like being close to her! She's my cousin, she's my friend...and I bet we could be best of the best friends if we lived closer. :(

Oh well, if another post shall come. This one must get at least one comment. Maybe even two. (even though I bet they will be Thom and Sarah's) That's ok! Seriously, I am going to try this thing again!