Monday, November 05, 2012

So I blog about running...a lot.

My friend Vicki made all sorts of signs to cheer me on in the marathon on Saturday...She couldn't go so she took all sorts of fun photos with them. I LOVE THEM. I believe they shall be making an appearance on here from time to time...

I can't help it. I kind of like running. I kind of like to talk about it. I like to type about it. I like for you to read it. I know you LOVE reading about running too. RIGHT???

So, this past weekend, I did a marathon in Indianapolis. It was called the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. I was incredibly excited to be doing a marathon in my hometown. I also had high hopes of breaking the four hour mark. We will get back to that in a minute.

It was very neat to be running on the streets that I knew. I thought the race was well put on. Indianapolis does it right.

So, the morning was cooold...and there was a chance for rain. I wasn't worried though, I was pretty happy that I was about to do my first flat, cold marathon. I think it meant good things.

I started off the marathon with the 4:00 pace group and stayed with them until about mile 8. At this point, I started pulling ahead. I passed the halfway point at 2:00:26. This confused me a little because the 4 hour group was still behind me and the pacer has paced many marathons and says her miles stay almost right on.  I was hoping to be slightly under 2 at this point, but I was feeling good so all was ok.

I was keeping on and keeping a decent pace...Also, I was wearing pretty cool Marathon Maniac arm warmers, so I was meeting all kinds of neat people along the way. 

Well, Mile 23 I hit a snag.  I know some of you know about it, but I'm not going to write about it on here...for my mom's sake. (Sorry mom...don't worry).  Well, I lost some time that mile and mile 24...but miles 25 and 26 I was able make up a lot of it.

I was trying HARD to get finished under 4 hours. I was giving it all I could possibly give... I came close...oh so close!

4:00:32.  So, next goes down.

I felt comfortable the whole way except for the tiny little hang up.  So I know I did it right. I know if I do the next one with the same kind of care and effort to keep my pace under control, I have it.

So after the race, it was sooo cold.  I had to be reminded to get my medal... Andy was at the finish line, and he handed me a chocolate milk. My fingers were so cold, I couldn't open it. It was starting to sleet harder and harder and I was wet. My little emergency blanket thing was flapping in the wind. I could barely walk. So, I found a chair, I sat. I cried. We then walked to my friend Jimmy's hotel, and I pretty much cried the whole way I think because I was soooooooo cold.  I got in the hot shower and even it wasn't getting me warm. Wow, it took a while to warm up. My lesson learned...I WANT MY DOWN COAT at the finish line in a cold race...and maybe a wheelchair.

Finally, I got a picture with my medal...I don't look tired at all...huh?

Needless to say, I have never felt like I have earned a beer more than this one...ever! 


Randy MAc said...

You are awe inspiring. RMc

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